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Service for Industrial Electronic Repair

Service for Industrial Electronic Repair

Industrial electronics are a great tool for the manufacturing floor. they enable you to work more precisely and automate a large portion of the production process. even some electronics can be used to watch over or support other devices(Electronic repair).

But just like any other piece of machinery, electronics are likewise susceptible to errors and failures. It might also be challenging to know what to do with your electronics when they cease working. they are intricate and difficult to fix due to the same qualities that make them so precise and effective on the job.  For a variety of industrial electrical equipment, we offer testing and repair services while keeping you updated along the way. CHECKOUT  FOR Circuit Breaker Repair Services.

Process of Electronic Repair

At Automat, we value openness about the work we perform on your equipment. we keep you informed about the progress of your devices and follow a consistent testing and repair method for all equipment. Throughout the two primary stages of the process, this approach uses custom-engineered test stands and only actual load testing.

Authentic Load Testing

Any electrical component’s performance characteristics will alter if it is tested with a load, whether it be a motor, power supply, circuit board, or variable frequency drive. a particular level of performance is intended for all devices, and if you don’t test it that way, problems might go undetected, causing downtime in the field.The following test stands are among them:

Drive dynamometers: We test all motor controllers, including AC, DC, spindle, and servo drives, on drive dynamometers.

Power load banks: Both AC and DC power sources can have their output power characteristics tested using power load banks. both low and high current supplies are included in them.

Motor dynamometers: Motor dynamometers test any type of motor we service by applying full torque at the full rated frequency and voltage. These motors include spindle, servo, stepper, DC, permanent magnet, and AC induction motors.

Resistive dynamic loads: Resistive dynamic loads are used to measure power characteristics along a particular response curve.

  • Drive testing

Two steps of final testing are performed once a motor control has been fixed and every control function has been confirmed.the test can then be stopped before a failure happens if the technician closely monitors any unusual change in current or irregular frequency concerns learn more plc repair get in touch with us.

A motor that is too small for the controller is used for this test, along with a slower speed. The speed of the motor is gradually increased while being closely watched.

  • dynamometers

The drive is then mounted on a dynamometer that is suitable for its size once the initial testing is finished. A dynamometer is a specialized braking apparatus that generates a load utilizing two motors connected in series that turn in opposition to one another and exert resistance on it.

    Individually Designed Test Stands

Many electronic gadgets operate in a system known as a closed-loop. Applications including robotics, computing, process control, and servo all need some sort of communication to carry out operations inside of a machine.

Let Automat Electronic Services Handle All Your Industrial Electronic Repair Services

Automat Electronic Services is available to assist with component-level failure, common wear, environmental damage, software or firmware corruption, and more. Because of our highly skilled, qualified, and experienced specialists and our sector-leading test equipment, we are a trusted partner for some of the biggest OEMs, manufacturers, and distributors in the globe.

 Before leaving the factory, we thoroughly test every piece of equipment and refurbish and repair your entire machine. Only when we are certain that the equipment will function properly do we return i You may be confident that Automat  Electronic Services will provide the best repairs available in the market. For any of your industrial electronic equipment repair needs, give us a call right now. 

You may get all of this in addition to our 10% price match guarantee on repairs from any competition. There truly isn’t any other option if your company relies on electronics. Give all of your electronics maintenance and repair needs to Automat Electronic Services. Get a free estimate today for your industrial electronic repair needs.

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