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Ideal law specialization for a bright carrier.

The legal field is the most demanding and competitive one in the world, as well as the most lucrative. For this reason, many students are looking for ways to improve their skills. Some of them want to go to the best law schools in the country.

But, what if you are not sure which school is the best? Or, what if you have already chosen your law school and now looking for masters in right specialization in Law? In this post, we’ll describe the in-demand law specialization available to help you get ahead.

  1. Criminal Law:

Criminal law is one of the most in demand law specializations right now. With this type of law specialization, you’ll study the laws related to murder, assault, fraud, etc.

The best law schools for criminal law specialization offer programs that include classes that cover topics like constitutional law, public policy, criminal procedure and jurisprudence.

The main advantage of criminal law is that it offers students the opportunity to get into the exciting and challenging world of criminal law. They will also get the chance to work with lawyers on real cases, and they’ll learn how to apply the law to real-life situations. They also get to know the the most influential people around. For e.g. Best criminal lawyers in Delhi will have connections with most of the politicians and other celebrities in Delhi.

  1. Civil Law:

The civil law is another law specialization that you should consider. It focuses on the legal issues that arise in everyday life. These are issues that are usually settled outside of court, including contract issues, business law, and tort law.

Many schools offer a joint degree program for civil law, and many students prefer this program because it allows them to earn two degrees in one shot.

  1. Family Law:

Family law focuses on domestic relations. In family law, you’ll learn how to resolve disputes regarding divorce, child custody, and family support. You can also study other issues such as inheritance and property distribution.

  1. IPR Law:

Intellectual property rights are the intellectual rights to a product, service, idea, or process. They are rights that give an owner the exclusive right to make or distribute that product. The person with the rights has the right to prevent anyone else from copying or using the product. The owner of the rights can be a person, business, organization, government, or even a brand.

  1. Labor Law:

Labor law deals with the rules that employers must follow in order to comply with the laws protecting employees in the workplace. It govern how workers should be treated. For example, they dictate what hours and days they must work. They also protect employees from physical and sexual harassment.

  1. Real Estate Law:

A real estate lawyer is someone who works for a legal entity, which owns real property. A real estate lawyer’s job is to protect the interests of the owner. They will also help to ensure that contracts are made correctly and they may even offer advice about the operation of the company.

For E.g. a real estate lawyer in Delhi will be aware of rules and regulations set by RERA Delhi. They will know the ins and outs of the law and help you make informed decisions.


If you want to be a successful lawyer, you should opt for the right and in demand law specialization. There are many law specializations. The one you select depends on your interests and career goals.
Also, while finalizing the course, do check that online classes should be available. Google is a great resource for information. For e.g., if you want to become an IPR lawyer, simple search for IPR certificate course online and choose the right one. All the best.

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