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HR Generalist: Responsibilities and Prospects


The Human Resources (HR)Generalist handles the daily activities of the manpower in the company. Furthermore, the HR Generalist also takes care of the procedures, programs, and policies of the company. The portfolio of the HR Generalist involves training and development, employee relations, compensations, employment, and organizational development. Irrespective of any level of technological evolution, the use of HR in an organization will always be there. Therefore, if you revamp your skills in the HR Generalist domain, your need in the market will automatically increase. A lot of top-notch companies look for professionals with refined skills in human resources. For lucrative offers, high-career benefits, and continuous learning, it is a beneficial career. Therefore, go for this domain and step-by-step expand your profile, know career-specific details, and enroll in HR Generalist Online Training to tune yourself as per the industry. Become an integral part of the company by tuning your HR knowledge.

Take help from this article and continue reading to know all relevant details related to Human Resources Generalist.

HR Generalist Duties & Responsibilities:

HR Generalist is an integral part of any organization. It maintains the discipline and policies in an organization. However, there are other multifarious activities that a Human Resource Generalist performs.

  • The primary responsibility revolves around recruiting eligible and skilled professionals in the organizations. Since it is a part of HR, he becomes an essential part of the hiring process. Furthermore, other related areas such as staffing logistics also come under the portfolio of such a professional.
  • Another crucial aspect of the HR Generalist’s responsibility is to organize the entire structure of the organization. Monitoring the appearance and conduct of all the employees as well as the planning of the entire working space is also part of the job description.
  • With evolving technologies, the practices of HR are also changing. Therefore, it is part of the HR professional’s job to keep an eye on the practices that the competitors follow. Implementing such practices ensures that the organization does not fall behind in the technological aspect.
  • In any organization, there is a hierarchy that any employee has to follow. There are separate departments to handle separate queries of the employees. While the work-related queries usually come under the administration of the manager, all the salary and policy-related queries go to the HR department.
  • A Human Resource Generalist also ensures that the operations of the organization are well in accordance with the compliance laws. Furthermore, HR also makes sure that all the ethics-related and state-law-related regulations are followed by all the departments.
  • All the confidential queries, disputes, and ethics investigations also come under the administration of HR. An HR Generalist basically safeguards all the rights of the employees and at the same time, maintains the discipline and integrity of the organization.

Continue reading to know about salary and prospects.

Salary of an HR Generalist:

It is one of the most vital positions of an organization. The smooth functioning of the company and optimal working atmosphere depends on the skillsets of the HR Generalist. Therefore, the salary of a qualified professional in the organization appears in the higher range. In the United States, the salary of a top-tier HR Generalist is well-above $104,390. The mean salary also comes in the range of $60,880, which is considerable if you account for all other professions in the industry. In India, the scope and prospects of this field are also promising. According to various sources, the salary of a senior professional in this domain in India also lies around ₹6,37,912. Hence, it can be an exciting job because of the importance of the organization and high-salary prospects.


A Human Resource Generalist is a pivotal position in any organization. It is because he is primarily responsible for the working atmosphere and recruitment process in the company. So, the kind of employees that work in the company and profitability partly depends on the skillset of the HR professional. Therefore, the demand for proficient professionals in this domain has not ceased. Now, you may ask What Are HR Generalist Roles And Responsibilities? Well, the above sections clearly elucidate all the aspects of the job description. In simple terms, to maintain discipline and ensure that the employees are satisfied, it is important to have proficient HR professionals in the organization.

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