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{HQ} Jeļena Ostapenko vs Victoria Jiménez Kasintseva Live Free Tennis Scores, Fixtures & Results Of 22 Sep. 2022

Watch Jeļena Ostapenko vs Victoria Jiménez Kasintseva Live Sports Without Cable in 2022. One of the biggest reasons people won’t cut the cord is because they are afraid that they won’t be able to stream their favorite sports teams.

Watch Free Live


Fortunately, most Live TV Streaming Services offer a way to watch every major live sporting event online without the need of a cable or satellite subscriptions. We broke down the best streaming services for sports so you can stream sports online.

Sports and reality shows are two genres of television that have to be watched live. You don’t want to be that person who missed your team’s game-winning goal or any intense moments throughout the match.

In the past, you had to have a cable provider to watch all of the big games, but we live in the age of streaming and you’re able to cut the cord and still catch all of the best content. You can stream movies and cartoons without cable, and live sports are no different.

What to look for in a streaming service for sports

When it comes to sports streaming services, the “best” one will be different for each fan. But to find the best one for you, you’ll want to consider how much you can spend, which sports channels are the most important, and if you want add-ons like NHL CENTER ICE.

Our top five streaming services for sports range from four to over 50 sports channels, and most include the basics like: ESPN, FOX Sports, and CBS Sports Network.

All of these services have decent pricing for the channels they offer. In some cases, you might need to upgrade to the second or third-tier plan to get the most sports channels possible.

Most of the services here also have some type of sports add-on and subscriptions, like NBA LEAGUE PASS or the NFL RedZone Channel.

You’ll need a sufficient DVR storage for recording games while you’re working, at your kid’s soccer game, or running errands.

These services are for sports fans and your movie-loving family or roommates who love entertainment and lifestyle channels.

Streaming services give you all the sports coverage you want on your terms. However, there are so many to choose from that it can be a little difficult deciding which one is the best fit for you. When making your selection, keep in mind which sports are the most important to you. If you’re a die-hard football fan and don’t really pay attention to any other athletics, NFL+(opens in a new tab) might be the service you need. Or maybe you’re just an ESPN enthusiast and want access to ESPN+(opens in a new tab)..


CrackStreams lets you stream popular sporting events for free. The streaming site is geared more towards boxing and other similar events, such as MMA and UFC. You can also stream XFL and CFB live events using the site.


  • Multiple boxing events.
  • Live schedules of sports events.

Verdict: CrackStreams is an impressive site for watching sports online for free. Make sure that you have a fast Internet connection to watch the sporting events without buffering. A con about the streaming website is the limited number of sporting events that are streamed live on the site.

Price: Free

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports is a premium live sports streaming website. You can watch different sporting events on your computer or mobile device. It allows you to add your favorite shows, players, teams, and more. The sports streaming site also displays a full schedule of sports events.


  • Live streaming videos.
  • Stories and news.
  • Latest scores.
  • Player profile.

Verdict: Fox Sports is a good sports streaming website. But the streaming videos are not optimized. You will need to have an ultra-fast Internet connection to watch live sports on this streaming site.

Another con of the website is that while the app is free, you will have to pay for subscription costs to stream sports events such as Hulu, Direct TV, Dish, Spectrum, Verizon Net TV, and others.

Price: Free


Batsmanstream doesn’t stream sports events. It provides partner links to live sporting events. The website also lists sporting event schedules with time. You can click on any event and watch the live sports for free on partner sites.


  • Active links.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Website widget.

Verdict: Batsmanstream provides lots of sports links to fans for watching major sporting events. But many users are turned off by advertisement redirects on the main page that tricks users into clicking on partner products.

Price: Free

Reddit Sports

Reddit Sports is a sports news channel on social media channels. Users post live stream highlights from popular sports, including MLB, NHL, MLS, NBA, and other sporting events and leagues.


  • Social sharing.
  • Sports news.
  • Live stream highlights.

Verdict: Reddit users share highlights of live streaming of trending sports. However, the channel does not specifically stream live sports.

Price: Free

Hulu + Live TV

Like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV is a cable replacement streaming service that offers diverse sports channels. For a $64.99 monthly subscription, you get access to major sports channels like CBS Sports, ESPN and ESPN 2, BTN, NFL Network, and the Olympic Channel. For an additional $9.99/month, you can get the Sports add-on that expands your options with NFL RedZone, Sportsman Channel, Outdoor Channel, and more.

In addition to national and international live games, you can also enjoy local sports. As a Live TV subscriber, you gain access to regional broadcasting channels like CBS, FOX, NBC, FS1, ABC, and more. You can watch local college football games and follow your favorite teams live. The only major downside is that ads are part of the streams unless you upgrade to the $70.99/month plan.

Some streaming sites are cable replacements first and sports services second. Hulu Live(opens in a new tab) offers access to a bunch of live channels, on-demand movies and shows, original content, and sports, including events like the Super Bowl and World Cup. These kinds of options are great if your whole family is going to be using it or you just want a comprehensive TV plan for yourself.

Keep in mind that not every service offers the same features. You might have to give up watching the Super Bowl in exchange for exclusive content or forego DVR storage for a lower price tag. The best part about going this route rather than cable (aside from being cheaper) is that there’s no contract and you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

fuboTV(opens in a new tab)

The best option out there for the biggest sports fan is fuboTV(opens in a new tab). It offers access to a wide array of local and national channels in real time so you don’t miss out. You get access to the big channels like Fox, CBS, NBC, and more, plus tons of sports channels. Not only do you get the standard NFL, NBA, and MLB, you can also watch NHL, NASCAR, golf, boxing, MMA, tennis, college sports, and more. And of course, you get all of the big sporting events like the Super Bowl and World Cup. It’s the total sports package.

The Pro plan includes 128 channels,1000 hours of cloud DVR space, and the ability to watch on unlimited screens (10 at home). There’s also more advanced packages like the Elite or Ultimate plan, which include more channels, events in 4K, family sharing, and add-ons like Showtime.

There is a free, seven-day trial available for each of the packages so you can test the water before committing to the full price.

Hulu Live(opens in a new tab)

Another great option out there right now is Hulu Live(opens in a new tab). Hulu, as a service, built itself by offering on-demand network and cable TV shows the day after they aired but eventually began to develop their own series too, like the Emmy Award-winning show The Handmaid’s Tale. While that may not sound conducive to watching sports, that’s where Hulu Live comes in.

By signing up for Hulu Live or upgrading from the base $7.99 service, you get access to live TV through most major networks, plus some local channels as well. That means Fox, NBC, CBS, and their affiliated sports channels are right there at your fingertips on any device. The portability of Hulu cannot be overstated. Not only can you watch it on your smart TV or your laptop, but via the Hulu app as well on any compatible device.

Hulu organizes channels and networks by genre, so you can find Group B games in the World Cup or jump between MLB games. It also makes finding replays easier as well, so if you miss any vital moments in big sporting events like the World Cup or Super Bowl, you can easily go back and watch them. And while Hulu Live might not get as many local channels as some other offerings, you do get a pretty decent movie selection with it.

Paramount+(opens in a new tab)

CBS’s entry in the streaming space, Paramount+(opens in a new tab) (formerly CBS All Access), gets into more specific desires when it comes to sports viewing.

Compared to most other networks, CBS offers the best coverage of men’s NCAA basketball. From the men’s regular season, division championships, and finally March Madness, CBS has established itself as the undisputed king of college basketball. You’ll also find NFL AFC games and Champions League soccer on Paramount+

Since rebranding to Paramount+ from CBS All Access, the service has also added a wide selection of movies from Paramount, Miramax, and MGM in addition to the CBS programming you’ve come to rely on. So come for the soccer, but stay for the NCIS.

ESPN+(opens in a new tab)

Since 1979, ESPN has dominated sports coverage, providing 24/7 coverage of all professional sports in the United States. As time has gone on, the network has evolved and expanded, covering sports from all over the world and an ever growing list of sports related shows and specials.

That sort of coverage and varied programming is what makes ESPN+(opens in a new tab) worth it, and a steal at the affordable price of $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. While it doesn’t get the same number of big games as some other networks or providers, ESPN+ definitely makes up for it in sheer variety. You could go from MLB to college lacrosse to tennis in a snap. Add to that programs like 30 for 30 and SportsCenter and ESPN+ originals, and you’ve got a pretty decent sports offering right there.

You also have the option to bundle ESPN+ with Disney+ and Hulu for $13.99 per month until October 10, when a price hike will take place and more bundle options will be available.

Sling TV(opens in a new tab)

Sling TV(opens in a new tab) is a pretty bare bones cable alternative. The basic subscription choices give you some of the big channels, but if you want cloud DVR and access to all of the sports you love, you’ll have to pay additional costs.

Sling has two standard subscriptions, Orange and Blue, that each feature different sports channels. For the best deal, we suggest going for the combination package that gives you all the channels from both plans for $15 more per month. These include ESPN, NBC Sports, and a couple others.

To really utilize Sling as a sports streaming platform, you’ll definitely want to add on the sports extra for an additional $11 per month. Unfortunately, local channels are not automatically included with Sling TV, but that’s not a huge issue because all you have to do to gain access is install an HD antenna.

YouTubeTV(opens in a new tab)

YouTube built its domination of the internet as an easy-to-use video platform that started in the mid-2000s. As time went on, it became a new entertainment platform with some of the biggest personalities and content providers on the internet. As such, this has helped it grow to the point where it can now offer live programming.

This is where YouTubeTV(opens in a new tab) comes into the equation. Growing out of the original platform and YouTube Red, YouTubeTV offers live coverage of most major networks, including sports affiliates. That means FSN and NBCSN are available so that you don’t miss the biggest games of the week, much like fuboTV and Hulu Live.

And unlike a cable provider that’s going to lock you into a contract, a site like YouTubeTV lets you cancel at any time. This means that if you’re really only into basketball, you can tune in during the regular season then cancel your account once the NBA finals conclude. And, much like Fubo and Hulu, you can try YouTube TV free for seven days if you’re undecided.

The downside is that YouTubeTV(opens in a new tab) is a little more limited in its offerings when it comes to local channels, giving services like the aforementioned Hulu(opens in a new tab) and Fubo(opens in a new tab) an edge. That said, it does provide access to YouTube Red, which has slowly been building a large and varied catalogue of original content.

 Peacock TV

Peacock TV is one of the few free sports streaming sites worth trying. This streaming platform is owned by NBCUniversal, which Comcast also owns. It offers a free plan that gives you access to select live sports and many NBC shows. You also get full HD streaming, which is almost unheard of when it comes to free streaming. While the free tier is supported by ads and offers a limited library, it offers substantial value. However, you will want to upgrade to the premium tier for more sports programming.

To unlock Peacock TV’s full potential, you should go for the Premium plan. Starting at $4.99 per month, it unlocks a lot of live sports. Peacock bought the rights for the 2021-2022 Premier League season, and it covers the Super Bowl, IndyCar, skiing, wrestling, and supercross events. A $9.99 Premium Plus tier is also available if you want to unlock the entire library ads-free (almost). Select events still have ads.


Formerly AT&T TV, DirectTV is a viable sports streaming site, although there are some limitations. The subscription starts at $69.99 per month, and it covers the big broadcasting channels, but there are no regional sports networks included. To access RSNs you need to pay for the $84.99 plan.

Another disadvantage is that DirectTV doesn’t offer the NFL Network channel, so keep that in mind before subscribing. This sports streaming site is best for fans of local and regional sports.

What About Free Sports Streaming Sites?

The only free sports streaming sites worth your time are those that are included with a certain streaming service package. For example, Fox Sports is a free service, but it’s only available as part of other networks.

Another option is to take advantage of 30-day trial periods that guarantee a refund. Most free streaming platforms that aren’t owned by a network are operated

[/box]. They’re usually safe to watch, but we don’t recommend them because the streaming services are usually pretty bad. The streams are low-quality, you might deal with buffering, and the site will be shut down at some point.

Our advice is to stick to legitimate sports streaming sites like those listed in this article. Which streaming service provider do you prefer? Did you find an alternative that offers better features or a good deal? Let us know in the comments below!

How Can I Stream Live Sports for Free?

Not all sports events require a subscription to watch them online. Major sports events, such as the Super Bowl or The Masters, are typically free to stream online. You can also purchase a TV antenna to get free over-the-air local channels, though the number and quality of said channels may vary wildly based on your location. NFL+ has replaced previous free apps with a paid, albeit affordable, tier. Peacock includes select sports in its free tier. In general, though, sports viewers should be prepared to pay.

Yes, there are illegal options too. For example, there’s likely a sketchy subreddit (if it hasn’t already been shut down) or sports streaming site with several dozen hosted links for whatever sport and event you want to watch. We do not condone the use of these sites.

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