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How were girls blazers in the 80s?

How were girls blazers in the 80s?

While today’s fashion trends might lean more towards athleisure or streetwear, there was a time not so long ago when girls’ blazers were all the rage. In fact, in the 1980s, it wasn’t uncommon to see girls of all ages sporting blazers, whether they were dressing up for a special occasion or just trying to look their best for school.

First of all, let’s take a look at what the blazers were like back then. They were usually quite boxy in shape and came in a variety of colors and prints. They could be worn both formally and casually, making them versatile piece of clothing.

Nowadays, girls blazers have evolved quite a bit. They’re still quite versatile, but they’re also a lot more stylish and feminine than they used to be. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and there’s definitely something for everyone.

girls blazers

What are Girls Blazers?

A blazer is a type of jacket that is typically worn by girls. It is usually made of wool or cotton and has a button-down front. Blazers are often worn as part of a school uniform. In the past, blazers were often seen as being too formal for girls. However, in recent years, they have become more popular as casual wear. Girls now wear them with jeans and sneakers for a stylish and chic look.

Blazers are also very practical and comfortable to wear. They keep you warm in the winter but can also be easily removed if you get too hot. They are perfect for layering over shirts and dresses. Overall, blazers are a great addition to any girl’s wardrobe. They are versatile, comfortable, and stylish. If you don’t already own one, we recommend that you add one to your wardrobe as soon as possible!

How were girls blazers in the 80s?

The 80s were a time of big hair, bright colors, and bold fashion choices. Girls blazers were no exception! These jackets came in all sorts of colors and styles, from bright pink to leopard print. And they were often paired with equally flashy skirts or pants.

This was a time when fashion was all about making a statement. And girls blazers were the perfect way to do that. If you wanted to be noticed, you wore a blazer! Of course, not everyone was a fan of this style. But there’s no denying that girls blazers in the 80s were definitely unique and eye-catching.

How did girls match Blazers in the 80s?

In the 1980s, blazers were often worn with jeans or slacks for a casual look. For a more formal look, girls might pair their blazer with a skirt or dress. Blazers could also be layered over other tops, such as t-shirts or sweaters.

No one really knew how to feel about “blazers” back in the 80s.

Some girls liked to mix and match different colors and patterns when they wore blazers. Others stuck to classic solid colors, like black, navy, or gray. No matter what style you went for, blazers were definitely a must-have fashion item in the 1980s!

If you were a girl, you definitely didn’t want to be thought of as “blazer” material. But if you were a guy, you definitely weren’t going to be wearing something over your shoulder. So, what good were they? They weren’t really a big deal. If you were a guy, you were going to be wearing a coat. If you were a girl, you were going to be wearing a sweater. It was just a matter of what you wanted to wear over it.

The history of the blazer

The blazer originated in England in the late 1800s as a kind of formal wear for gentlemen. It was usually made from heavy wool fabric and was worn with a necktie. The style quickly spread to other countries, including the United States.

In the early 1900s, girls began wearing blazers as part of their school uniforms. The style was practical and modest, and it soon became popular among girls of all ages. Blazers continued to be popular in the decades that followed, and they are still a staple of many women’s wardrobes today.

girls blazers

How to Find the Right Fit for Your Blazer?

There are a few things to keep in mind when finding the right fit for your blazer. First, you want the shoulder seams to end at the edge of your shoulders. Second, you want the blazer to be nipped in at the waist to create a flattering silhouette. Third, the sleeves should hit at your wrist bone. And fourth, the blazer should fall at your hip bone.

Keep these guidelines in mind when shopping for your next blazer. And don’t be afraid to ask a salesperson for help. They can offer guidance on finding the right size and fit for you.

Styles of girls blazers

There were a few different styles of girls blazers in the ’80s. The most popular style was probably the boxy blazer. These blazers had straight, sharp lines and didn’t hug the body. They were usually made from wool or polyester and came in a variety of colors.

Another popular style of blazer was the shoulder-padded blazer. These blazers had big, puffy shoulders that were often adorned with buttons or other embellishments. The shoulder pads helped to give the illusion of a wider, more powerful frame. They were also usually made from wool or polyester and came in a variety of colors.

Lastly, there were also denim jackets that were popular in the ’80s. These jackets were usually decorated with patches or embroidery and were worn as a fashion statement. Denim jackets could be paired with almost any outfit and were perfect for layering in the colder months.

Women’s Casual Blazers

  1. Women’s casual blazers were very popular in the 1990s. They were often made of denim or other casual fabrics. They were usually worn with jeans or other casual pants.
  2. Women’s casual blazers could also be made of dressier fabrics such as wool or velvet. They were often worn with skirts or dresses.
  3. Women’s casual blazers were usually unstructured and had relaxed fits. This made them comfortable to wear and easy to move in.
  4. Women’s casual blazers were typically single-breasted with two or three buttons. They sometimes had lapels, but not always.
  5. Women’s casual blazers came in a variety of colors and styles. They could be solid-colored or patterned. Some had embellishments such as embroidery or sequins.

Casual blazers were a staple in many women’s wardrobes in the 1990s. They could be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Girls blazers


  1. Girls blazers in the s were very stylish and fashionable.
  2. They were made of high-quality materials and were designed to last.
  3. Many girls blazers in the s came in bright, bold colors.
  4. They were often adorned with buttons and other embellishments.
  5. Girls blazers in the s were typically very well-made and well-fitting.


Although girls blazers in the 80s were not as popular as they are today, they were still a staple in many closets. The style of the 80s was all about being unique and standing out from the crowd, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks. Pair your blazer with ripped jeans and a band tee for a punk-inspired look or go preppy with a collared shirt and pleated skirt. No matter how you wear it, make sure your blazer is tailored to fit you perfectly.

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