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How to win in Local Search

You are probably wondering how to get your local plumbing business to rank higher on search results. We recommend that you optimize your website not just for SEO but for local searches. In, 2021 about 21% of consumers in USA searched for local businesses online. Consider conducting keyword research, optimizing your site for mobile devices, and other tactics that we will cover in this article.

Investing in a sustainable Local Search strategy

This is a strategy that aims at improving your plumbing website such that it becomes more visible on local search results.

What does it entail?

Verify and optimize your Google My Business (GMB) account.

GMB is an online tool that enhances your visibility on local searches.

  • To improve your ranking;
  • Ensure that you provide accurate and relevant information about your business.
  • You can include information on the HVAC services you provide
  • Add photos, your hours of operation and address
  • Post updates on recent changes, special discounts and offers
  • Request for customer reviews
  • Clients need assurance that the services they get are reliable and authentic.
  • Ask for reviews directly
  • Request via email
  • Respond to their feedback in a professional yet humane manner that shows you understand their pain points and can make improvements.

Use relevant local keywords

You are probably wondering how you can rank higher on Google local keywords. We recommend that you try the following tactics.

  • Identify your target audience

For instance, for lawn care services, your target is mostly homeowners. If you are located in Florida, you could focus on keywords such as “the best lawn care services in Florida.

  • Discover your customers’ problems and optimize your keywords to show that you can solve their challenges.
  • Ask yourself what they could be looking for and target keywords that will
  • Research on the keywords that your competitors are using to plan for better ones.
  • Use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner to get an idea of which keywords to use for your specific niche.
  • You can always seek a professional article writer to optimize the keywords for you.

Create content with local intent

  • Great content requires a certain level of experience and expertise. Hire an expert article writer who will create high-quality articles and blog posts that focus on local events.
  • You can even include videos about social events that your brand supports like donations.
  • Not only should your writer create local content but also ensure it is unique and of great value.
  • They should not just duplicate content from other websites. Ensure that it is fresh, informational and relevant to your website visitors
  • Great content will also reward your site with natural backlinks which will make your site trustworthy and authoritative.
  • Include a captivating meta description and call to action that convinces customers to purchase your roofing services
  • Place yourself in the client’s shoes and ask yourself what could be convincing enough to make you want to get this specific company’s services.

Optimize your Technical SEO

This is where you ensure that your HVAC website supports all devices from computers to mobile devices.

  • Most clients most probably use their mobile devices to search for services.
  • Ensure that your site is mobile-friendly.
  • Improve your website’s loading speed.
  • It is good to work with specialists in search engine optimization. Hire expert HVAC SEO services to optimize your website’s technical SEO.

Create separate web pages for the services you offer

  • This helps search engines rank your web pages for specific services.
  • For instance if you are an electrician offering services like hot shower installation or rewiring services you could create two different pages.
  • It will help your installation services or rewiring services rank on their own which could mean more local website visitors

Make sure that your Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) information is consistent on all online platforms

  • Placing different contact information on your online platforms may confuse search engines and users
  • Check your contact information for mistakes such as omission or inclusion of the wrong phone number or duplicate listings.

Acquire an effective local link building strategy

  • Source for influencers in your locality and convince them to link back to your website
  • You can get an article writer to create guest posts on the influencers’ websites
  • You could also consider creating partnerships with authoritative websites.
  • Avoid using link building strategies that could get your website into trouble and reduce your rankings.
  • These tactics include:
  • Link farms – This is where your SEO expert creates numerous websites with low quality content and links them to each other
  • Buying links – This is a Black Hat SEO tactic that lets you purchase links in a bid to increase your website rankings which goes against Google’s guidelines.

Perform a Local SEO audit

If you want to dominate local search, consider conducting a Local SEO audit. It will help you discover the issues present in your strategy and make improvements. A local SEO audit can cover the following areas:

  • Technical website audit
  • Checks whether your web pages are properly structured, analyzes the use of keywords, meta descriptions, title tags among others.
  • An audit determines whether your website is mobile friendly and how fast it loads
  • Link audit
  • This will help you discover broken links or unintentional redirects that could create a negative user experience.
  • Google my Business audit
  • Helps you identify any information errors on your profile like inaccurate contact information.
  • You can hire professional HVAC SEO services to perform an exhaustive SEO audit on your website

Include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many prospects often have queries that they need addressed on search engines. Think of what you might need to know if you were a client seeking plumbing services.

  • For instance, a client might search for answers to a question like; how to fix a leaking pipe.
  • Including such questions gives your website a chance to rank on local search.

Dominating local search requires skill and precision. Identifying and executing the right SEO strategy is the key to winning your clients over. Your customers can determine whether your brand ranks higher or lower. Therefore, think about making customer satisfaction your primary goal. Positive customer reviews and a mobile friendly site will go a long way in improving your Local SEO.

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