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How to Use Social Media Automation for Your Business

social media automation

In this post, we’ll be discussing how to use social media automation to help with marketing tasks. Social media automation is a process of applying automation for simpler lead generation and visibility purposes. This includes creating and managing social media campaigns, building and maintaining relationships with customers, and setting up CTA (call to action) opportunities. Social media automation can be a great way to save time when marketing your business, but it’s also important to keep things consistent, as different rounds of marketing may be done on different days of the week. 

Use social media automation to manage all content and message output for your business in one place. With social media automation, you can manage all of your social media marketing goals and output while having one place to find all the results and insights from all your content and message output. This is the purpose of a tool like social media automation – to help you manage content and message output in a single place.

Ways of Social Media Automation

There are many ways to use social media automation to help a business SEO. Each approach has its own set of pros and cons.

Google AdWords

The Google AdWords campaign tool is an all-in-one solution that helps you create and manage ads. It also includes a built-in search engine that makes it easy to target people on the web based on interests.


This is plugin-based social media automation with a focus on creating high-quality, pre-populated Facebook profiles for your customers.

CTA (call to action) Targeting

Targeting is important in making CTA (cost to action) opportunities available to your customers. It is also important to make sure that CTA opportunities are targeted to people who are interested in your product or service.

Customer profiles

Customer profiles provide you with a great way to provide a personal connection with your customers. They also provide a way to target people based on interests.


Utilization is the process of using social media to create content or ads that will be used by search engines. It is also the process of creating and managing social media campaigns.

Steps of Social Media Automation

Social media automation can be done in the form of small steps to make it work efficiently. Here we are discussing four simple steps for automation:

1. Learn when you should automate

The automation process might become addictive as social media can make you feel tempted to automate everything. The big brands also struggle with these problems of understanding when and how to automate and engage. This problem can be resolved by learning when to automate and when to do things manually. 

Firstly, you could automate content creation and start sharing the content online. This could give you time when you will be posting the content to find more amazing content. There is one rule of thumb for content sharing called the 5-3-2 social media sharing rule.

Here 5 means content from others, 3 means content from you, and 2 means personal content that is not related to your work. Following this rule will help you make a schedule that is more focused on the audience rather than yourself.  

The next thing you could do is automate your non-urgent social media posts like sharing thoughts, quotes, or retweets among the known networks. These posts are not bound by any time restrictions, so you can automate them by scheduling them for a particular set of time. 

2. Select your automation tools 

The easy way out of automating social media posts is to utilize automation tools like Buffer, IFTTT, Zapier, and others. For instance, Buffer can help you connect all of your social media accounts including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn where you can queue the content to send at particular timings. Tools like Buffer are very helpful in automating social sharing and content organization as all of your information will be put together in one place.  

Likewise, tools like IFTT and Zapier are very helpful as they can connect all your apps with each other. For example, you can connect your blog’s feed with all your other accounts including Facebook, Twitter, G+, and LinkedIn. This will lead to posting all of your new posts on your social media accounts at the same time automatically. 

3. Discover what your posting schedule is

Forming a schedule will help you make social media automation organized. This can be done with the help of the Buffer tool as it sets everything in the form of a queue. You can spread the posts throughout the week or month for creating space between the postings. But the next important thing that can be considered is the timing of posting on social media. 

For this, you can take advantage of some of the tools like SocialBro, Tweriod, and Followerwonk. These tools can help you find when the users are highly engaging with your content on social media during the day. According to stats as per Dan Zarrella, users’ presence is likely to be increased by 181% on Twitter when they are commuting.  

4. Make a system for keeping up the conversations

When you are desiring to keep up the conversation, this does not affect whatever system you might use. For instance, Mention, which is an advanced version of Google Alerts can be used for tracking your brand’s name throughout the websites, blogs, or social media accounts. This tool searches the places where your brand’s name has been mentioned in the conversations and you can directly reply from the dashboard of Mention. The notification will be sent via email whenever you have received any mentions.

Another thing you should do is to turn all of your notifications on so that you stay updated about all the activities. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook always notify you whenever something happens on your account. Sometimes you turn off these notifications, in the beginning, thinking they are not of much use. Although, this doesn’t mean opt-in for each and every email for social media accounts.              


In conclusion, try using social media automation and it is a great way to save time and get across the content you need to keep your business running smoothly. It will also help you to get more done in a shorter time. You can see that using social media automation can help save your time and get more done than if you would do it all in person. For this, you can contact Rankingeek marketing agency, which can serve all your social media automation requirements.


Rankingeek is a digital marketing agency that gives your business the best SEO, Social media, PPC, web development, graphic designing, and content writing services.

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