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How to unclog a toilet using a drain snake

You might have a clogged toilet. You might not even know it. How do you know for sure? If the water is flowing, but the toilet still doesn’t flush, there could be a problem with the drainage system in your home or business. Head over to this article to learn how to unclog a toilet using a drain snake.

What is a drain snake?

A drain snake is composed of a long, flexible tube with a rubber or plastic fang at one end and a round brush on the other. The round brush is able to clear clogs in pipes and drains where hair and other substances accumulate. Drain snakes are easily available at most hardware stores and are inexpensive, so they are perfect for clearing clogs in pipes that reach the sewer line. Its purpose is to scrape the inside of your toilet or drain and dislodge clogs.

A simple way to unclog your toilet using a drain snake is to place the device in the toilet, push the plunger up once, then pull it out and hold it at a 45 degree angle. It differs from a plunger in the sense that it has blades at the end of its tip that help to scrape out clogs and build up in the pipes. If one of your toilet’s clogs has not been solved by plunging, you may want to try using a drain snake. This device is designed to remove any type of blockage from a pipe or hose through the use of a rotating, flexible blade.

If you are unfamiliar with the plumbing terms you can also check the plumbing glossary to help you better understand and you can also hire plumbing services and professional help.

How to use a drain snake?

Unclogging a toilet is one of the most common household tasks. It can be done easily with a drain snake made specially to unscrew and remove clogs. Drain snakes are used to unclog toilet bowls by using a long handle attached to a U-shaped metal pipe.

They are easy to use and can unclog a toilet in minutes. They are also inexpensive and can be found at most stores. There is no need to run the water unless it becomes clogged. Soak the snake into the drain, twist it and pull it out of the toilet, this will help clear any blockages in the drain.  Be aware that drain snakes are more effective at clearing clogs of hair than other types.

  • First, remove any debris around the drain opening.
  • Next, insert the head of the snake into the drain and slowly push it down. If you hear a loud clunk or if water starts to come out of somewhere else, stop pushing.
  • After pushing down about two feet, use your other hand to guide the snake as you pull it back up. This will clear any obstructions in the line.

What are the risks of using a drain snake?

Unclogging a toilet is not as easy as it sounds. Drain snakes come with risks, including: – injury from curling the handle too tightly; – the snake slipping from where it was inserted, causing injuries or damage to the sewers; and – the snake breaking off when you try to remove it without first loosening it. Use a drain snake safely by following these tips:

  • Use a chemical drain cleaner first before inserting a drain snake
  • Make sure you’re wearing safety glasses and gloves
  • Keep your head clear of cabinets and other obstructions

Drain snakes are designed to remove debris and waste from your drain pipes. They have a curved blade and use a vacuum action to remove the clog. It is also advised that you should never use a drain snake on an outdoor pipe because it will make the problem worse. Before you start, make sure that there are no children or pets in the bathroom so they don’t get stuck and injured. If you have pets and children, use your drain snake outside of the bathroom.


To unclog a toilet, use a drain snake. This is the best tool to use when you have a clogged toilet. Many people have tried using this tool and found that it works great. So, if you’re having trouble with your toilet, try doing what they say on the packaging.

It is always best to call a professional plumber if you need assistance unclogging your toilet. You can also Google it like the best Toronto Plumber near me if you live someplace in Toronto and are looking for a skilled plumber in the region. As a result, you will discover the top plumber in your neighborhood.

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