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How to Tell Cisco Products Are Genuine

Counterfeit of electronic products on annual basis has resulted in the loss of approximately $250 billion. As a result, the electronic industry continues to suffer the loss on an annual basis. Speaking on a global level, the industry of counterfeit products continues to thrive. The ERAI, the global information board for counterfeiting, indicates there is no stopping. In the growth of counterfeit products. Many public hospitals, government organizations, and schools suffer because of such products. These products create a hurdle during video communications. Furthermore, the transfer of sensitive information and database management are also compromised(Cisco routers).

Counterfeit products within any organization also lead to several issues. These include productivity losses and security breaches. Organizations and industries have to pay the price of counterfeit products. Several companies end up choosing counterfeit equipment including wireless devices, routers, and switches. This is because the Internet has made access easier. At the same time, choosing the original products at the same time has become tougher. But, the trust bond between the original supplier and the consumer is compromised. The increase of counterfeit products has tarnished their image in the public. Among these are Cisco switches and other networking devices. People fall into the trap of choosing counterfeit products. It is because they appear cheaper as compared to the original products. Yet, they regret the decision to buy products from an unauthorized dealer.

When we talk about networking products Cisco is the king, known throughout the world. It is known for providing quality products. But as the trend is, every popular product in the world goes through the counterfeit process. It is the case with Cisco switches and routers as well as other products that fall under the same umbrella. The companies must protect themselves against such loss of revenue and risks. The occurrence of their counterfeit network products has resulted in a deficit of $100B. It is particularly the case within the IT industries. The companies must take the necessary steps to ensure counterfeiting is stopped.

Impact of counterfeit Cisco switches on Network

Cisco has served many industries and companies globally as a leading networking company. However, with the rise of counterfeit products, even the IT companies get confused. They somehow also fall into the trap of choosing counterfeit CISCO switches. They do not realize, whether they are genuine or fake. Hence, these are the core reason for the downfall of a network of IT companies. A division of F-Secure Consulting Hardware saw the alternate versions of the Cisco. These were based on the Catalyst 2960-X series. The researchers of F-Secure analyzed these counterfeit products. They indicated that someone within Cisco had access to their secret documents.

The similarity of the counterfeits versus the original Cisco products is alarming. A lot of investment has been carried out for counterfeit products. Those producing it are on a mission to make them appear ditto to the original products of Cisco. According to F-Secure indicates that Cisco also has an operational Brand Protection team(Cisco routers).

For many years, Cisco has always encountered the issue of counterfeit products. It has played a major role in damaging its image as a company. Nevertheless, Cisco is watchful for its reputation, hence, keeping quality and integrity top-notch.

How to know whether the Cisco Product is Genuine or Not?

While planning to buy Cisco services and products, you have to check a variety of elements. These include people, networking, and data. For this purpose, a team of experts monitors the products very closely. Cisco has always preferred to give advantages to people and businesses. Thus, the products they have in their arsenal are of the highest quality. Cisco also has to face problems related to counterfeit products. Their diverse team also consists of customs officials and law enforcement officials. They also work closely with their customers and partners. Their goal is to make sure that they get the best products. Hence, the team monitors all the products that have been released from their brand. Furthermore, if nothing matches their standard practice, they monitor it very closely. They make sure that the infringers do not get away with their counterfeit products.

How to identify fake Cisco SFP?

It is easy to figure out whether the Cisco switches are genuine or fake. The original Cisco boards feature the covering of nickel-zinc. But the counterfeit products have exposed copper points. Furthermore, it is very easy to flex and bend counterfeit products as compared to the real ones.

  • Check the label, see if it is genuine

Differentiating original Cisco switches from counterfeit ones is not that difficult. It is easy to figure out than expected because Cisco has a platform dealing with such products. The purpose of such a platform is to make sure that they recommend the product you have chosen. The carton white label often overlaps the carton security labels. To make sure it is authentic, check out its hologram. It features a reflective circular, stylized Cisco bridge logo, and a moon and arrow. You can also report counterfeit products through a form available on their website.

It will allow the customers to make use of techniques for anti-counterfeiting.

  • Purchase Cisco support services and products from Cisco

When we talk about products of networking, there is none better than Cisco switches. By purchasing through Cisco, you will not have to worry about counterfeit products. There are many Cisco Authorized Partners or Cisco’s qualified sellers. They will provide customers with sales support and valid software licenses.

PBCA Security Label

You can take several security measures included on the printed circuit including holographic technology. There is a padlock symbol and a checkmark. When the authentic label is rotated. There are also numeric numerals and side dots that act as a source of light.

  • Check if the equipment has a guarantee and valid software license

While purchasing Cisco switches and routers make sure you also have a valid software license ad a guarantee. Furthermore, Cisco also provides end-user licenses besides these as well. In case you have purchased Cisco switches from the unauthorized platform, then the team of Cisco will carry out configuration inspection and physical quality.

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