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How to Set Up Your Bathroom Vanity Lighting Perfectly

Where to Install the Bathroom Vanity Unit Lights?

On occasions, you may be getting ready for a special dinner date or just a casual meetup with friends. Everyone wants to look their best before stepping out of the house. Now, unless you have a dedicated vanity room setup right next to your bedroom, the responsibility falls on your bathroom vanity unit mirror. 

Besides the mirror being squeaky clean, there needs to be ample lighting near the spot. It allows you to take a good look in the mirror as you go about your skincare routine. Even with all the natural light coming into the room, you need more than just ceiling lights. And maybe wall lamps but an entire vanity lighting plan. 

You are completely off-target if you think installing sharp and bright lights on the vanity unit will solve the problem. Mounting simple bright lights would flash your eyes as you apply the eyeliner. You need not only some fine lighting fixtures but also a well-thought plan for their optimal location. Before you strain your mind, here’s how to perfectly set up your bathroom vanity lighting. 

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Where to Install the Bathroom Vanity Unit Lights?

While you can copy the most well-light bathrooms on the internet, every bathroom demands a special plan when it comes to bathroom vanity unit lights. The layout, available space, and design of your bathroom fixtures dictate where you should install the vanity lights. If you are having trouble drafting a custom lighting plan, here are the three most suitable places to mount your vanity lights. 

Above the Bathroom Vanity Unit Mirror 

The best way to have a well-lit-up view of your face in the vanity mirror is to install the lights above the mirror. While it depends on the size of your mirror and ceiling height, mounting them on top of the mirror will ensure an even flow of light in the room. Instead of exploring fancy lighting solutions, look for higher-wattage bulbs. It will offer you a better chance to make up your face. 

Both Sides

bathroom vanity unit Installing bathroom vanity unit lights on both sides of the mirror seems the most appropriate solution to bathroom lighting issues, especially if you have a dual-sink vanity unit. As one of the most popular vanity lighting solutions, you can find an array of fancy lamps and lighting fixtures that go along every bathroom theme.

In case you are going with scones or identical wall-hung lamps, make sure to install them 65 to 70 inches from the ground. The idea is to set it near eye level, allowing light to illuminate your face without casting any shadows. If you have a dual sink bathroom vanity unit installed, use a combination of three scone units to have them on either side of the vanity mirror. 

Side Walls

If your vanity unit is nicely set up wall-to-wall into a narrow corner, install the sconces on the side walls instead of stuffing them closely on the front wall. This will help you get a clearer view of your entire face. As for the front wall mounting, install them at 65 – 70 inches above the floor for a perfect view. 

Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity Unit Lighting Style

Bathrooms are all about design and aesthetics, and lighting offers an effective way of instating into your bathroom. With an extensive range of fixture designs, styles, and finishing, you won’t find a better way to make your bathroom appear more alluring. We have shared some of the most popular and aesthetically appealing lighting fixture designs you can consider:


From luxury hotel bathrooms to furnishing en-suites, sconces are available everywhere. They are suitable for installation on the sides of your bathroom vanity unit mirror. That creates an embellishing look. Besides their expressive style, they come with quality bulbs that make the vanity spot glow elegantly.

LED Strips

A popular option for modern and high-end luxury bathrooms, LED strips are known for their uniform lighting to any dedicated area. While they primarily come as separate fixtures, you can also find versions that are embossed into vanity mirrors themselves. Besides vanity needs, LED strips are ideal for setting a particular mood and setting of the room.


Pendants are quite like sconces, except they are meant to hang above the vanity mirror from the ceiling. While sconces come in classier designs, pendants take a bold and flashier approach to the design. You can find pendants as single units or a set of matching pendants for both sides of the mirror. 

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Final Verdict

Every modern bathroom nowadays has bathroom furniture. However, not everyone knows how to use them to enhance the functionality of the bathroom. Besides helping you with your skincare routine, bathroom vanity unit lighting offers a perfect way to embellish your bathroom with fancy décor fixtures. With stylish vanity lights, you may not need to install recessed lighting fixtures over the sink. Lastly, make sure to install your precious lighting units at a safe distance from the water taps at the sink.   By following the tips provided, you can easily create a perfect vanity that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. 

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