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How to Repair Corrupted BKF Files Without Losing Any Data?

The Windows backup files, or BKF files, are often connected to Microsoft Windows. There are various built-in programs in other Windows versions, such NTBackup Tool and SYMANTEC Backup Exec. These utilities provide quick database backup creation and BKF file storage for all backup files. These backup tools assist users in retrieving all mailbox data that was lost due to human error or corruption.

These built-in utilities have certain difficulties utilising them, just as any utility has advantages and disadvantages. If you’re looking for the best way to repair corrupted BKF files, we’ll go through the most trusted and highly recommended techniques for Exchange BKF recovery right here.

Reason Behind the BKF File Corruption

We have listed a few typical causes of damage or corruption in Windows backup files that need users to repair corrupted BKF files.

  • Unintentional System Failure
  • virus or malware assaults or a hard drive crash
  • Ineffective Backup Procedure Hardware or Software Failure
  • Virus-Proof Backup Tools
  • Extra-large BKF files

Some of the causes of Windows backup file repair and corruption in the BKF format are listed below. Let’s go on and learn how to repair corrupted BKF files manually.

Method 1: Repair BKF Files by Manual Solution

Users may recover BKF files using the built-in NTBackup utility. Before beginning the manual procedure, it is advised to make a backup of the original data since there is a possibility of human mistakes or significant data loss. Take the actions listed below:

  • Achieve NTBackup.exe by launching the associated folder.
  • The following window will display a Removable Storage Service pop-up box. The OK button must be clicked.
  • In the new box, choose Next.
  • Select the option to restore files and settings in the Backup and restore box.
  • It’s a BKF file, so you can just browse and choose it.
  • Check the corrupt BKF files that you wish to fix.
  • Select the “Advanced” menu item.
  • Choose it from the “restore Files to” menu and then confirm the move.
  • To specify a place, use the Browse button.
  • In order to recover your data, pick the appropriate choices now.
  • When the restoration is complete, click the end button.

Limitations of Manual Solutions

  • It can fix small corruption problems but nothing more.
  • Information might be lost.
  • Additional effort and time are required.
  • Valid only in contexts where both the dll and ntmsapi.dll are installed.

There are various restrictions with these manual methods to repair corrupted BKF files, as we have seen above. Users may thus employ an alternative professional method to restore BKF files that become damaged or corrupted in order to get beyond these restrictions.

Method 2: Automatic Solution of Repair Corrupted BKF Files

Users may utilise a qualified third-party automated solution for a fast and painless recovery procedure to avoid all the constraints that we have experienced in the manual method of Exchange BKF recovery. You might attempt using the 4n6 BKF Repair Software, which can quickly restore all of the data from damaged Windows backup files. The tool has a slick, user-friendly GUI and provides many incredible features that draw people in. The procedures for using the tool to repair corrupted BKF files are shown below.

Note: If you want to know more about this professional solution and how to use this software then click on this link Extract Data from BKF File

How to Use Corrupted BKF File Repair Software?

  1. Firstly, download the Corrupted BKF File Repair Software and then install it.
  2. After that, click on the Open button and then upload the BKF file
  3. Thereafter, hit the action button, then select the Extract option
  4. Select the desired location path and then hit the save button
    repair corrupted BKF files

Advance Features of this Corrupted BKF File Repair Software

  • Opens BKF files without any issues and easily recovers any damaged or lost Windows backups.
  • There are no size restrictions on the files you may upload.
  • Range-finding capabilities are included.
  • Provides a speedy and risk-free path to health.
  • There is no need for technical expertise.
  • Guaranteed to work with any version of Windows.
  • Offers both a basic recovery option and a more in-depth “Advanced” mode.
  • 100% compatible with any and all Windows versions.
  • Keeps a detailed record of all recoveries made.
  • You may check out the software’s functionality and user interface in a no-cost trial version.


We have covered the suggested and trustworthy techniques in this article to easily repair corrupted BKF files. Exchange BKF recovery by human intervention has a number of drawbacks and runs the risk of catastrophic data loss. Therefore, it is strongly advised to utilise the expert BKF repair tool, which provides users with a simple and speedy recovery procedure.

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