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How to protect your dog from the 7 dangers of winter

The cold, the snow, the humidity… are all dangers for the health of our dogs. Know how to prevent them to live well in winter with your dog.

1- Cold

Don’t overestimate your dog’s resistance to cold. Except in the case of dogs coming from the cold, such as the Husky, the Malamute, the mountain dogs and in the case of hunting dogs or practising outdoor sports such as agility, your dog will not have great resistance to cold if he lives indoors a lot. Pay particular attention to short-haired dogs, small breeds, young puppies and older dogs, too thin dogs and overweight dogs, which are much more sensitive to the cold.

To protect him from the cold: dress him in a coat and slippers, and shorten the walks even if it means multiplying them. To prevent chapping due to snow, apply a fatty balm to the pads, as well as to the nose and the tips of the ears, the extremities being the areas most affected by the cold.

NB: reduce the number of baths, so that your dog’s skin retains its protective sebum against the cold.

2- Humidity

It makes your dog less resistant to cold and increases the risk of disease. Dry your dog’s coat after a walk, and change the covers of his kennel regularly.

3- Snow

He risks digestive problems if he ingests too much: diarrhoea and vomiting. Don’t let him swallow it.

Also pay attention to the snow that clings to the paws and forms balls of ice between the toes and the pads: wipe your companion’s paws well when you return from a walk. Cut the hair on the legs short to limit their appearance.

4- Deicers

These are mostly toxic products for the dog. Do not let him lick them and rinse his paws after walking on a de-iced sidewalk or road, as road salt is irritating to the skin. Cut the hair on the paws short to better flush the paws.

Antifreeze has a pleasant taste for the dog, however, it is toxic! Watch him. For more, read our tip: pitbull corgi mix .

5- Less walks

Take your courage in both hands, and brave the cold, the snow and the night to walk your favourite companion, even if the latter is reluctant! It is as important for his physical health as for his morale! Don’t neglect play sessions either!

Think of the leash and the reflective collar to ensure your safety at night.

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6- Weight gain

For lack of exercise, the dog risks being overweight, do not increase the ratio of an inactive dog.

Conversely, increase that of a very athletic dog, hunting dog or practising agility. If necessary, the veterinarian can also prescribe food supplements, rich in vitamins.

Do not neglect the warm-up of sports dogs to avoid breakdown, sprain…

7- Clean their feet

During winter walks the dog’s paws could be contaminated by all sorts of poisonous chemicals, including salt, antifreeze or de-icers. Make sure to clean your pet’s paws once you return from your walks to avoid him getting it all off and getting sick. Get pet-safe deicers for your home to provide an additional security measure. When you clean your pet’s paws, be sure to look for indications of injury, like bleeding or cracked the paws.

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