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How to promote your cleaning service through email

If you’ve just started a cleaning business or are planning to grow your business, you must be searching for effective marketing strategies. There are a plethora of marketing tactics that you can execute online and offline. However, you’ll also want to be cost-effective as an emerging business. What is a cheap yet efficient way to market your business? 

The answer is email marketing. Since the advent of social media, many entrepreneurs have found it easier to publicize through social media platforms. But with growing competition, it can take a lot of work to make your services stand out. For this reason, email marketing is considered a more personal and direct approach to engaging with existing customers and attracting potential customers. 

If you want to initiate marketing your cleaning business via email, you’ll need a well-drafted plan. To make things easier, we’ve listed 6 easy tips you can follow to promote your business solely through email effectively. 

Choose an email marketing service 

The first thing you need to do before initiating your marketing campaign is to choose an email marketing provider where you’ll set up your account. You would want to market your cleaning business professionally rather than using a personal email address. 

Using an email marketing provider is helpful in more than one way: you can sort bulk emails and segment your contacts, prevent emails from landing in spam and track email campaign performance. Email marketing is made simpler nowadays as online marketing platforms make life easier.

Create an email list

Before you send out emails, you need to create an email list. You can start by adding the email address of existing customers who’ve ordered your cleaning services at least once. But remember to ask for their consent before sending out emails. 

In addition, you can add an opt-in feature to your website that will allow visitors to sign up for your newsletter or updates. The feature must be attention-grabbing and prompt visitors to add their names and email address. 

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Draft well-designed emails 

Designing and drafting your emails can make or break a deal with a potential customer. Once the email lands in a customer’s inbox, how can you ensure that your subscribers click to open it? The answer lies in an attractive subject line. Moreover, the content of your email should be manageable. It should be well-structured, easy to read, and informative. 

After their subscription, the first email you send a customer must include a welcome message. The message should include a note of gratitude in return for the subscription, basic information about your cleaning business, the services you offer, and what the customers should expect next: weekly updates, exciting offers, or information on your service packages.  

Future emails you send can include information about your recent projects, any updates or additions to your services, discounts or coupons, and their validity date. The content should be short and crisp because no one has the time to read lengthy paragraphs. 

Remember, you must create a gripping opening statement to hook a customer!

Add visuals

You wouldn’t want to ensure your customers’ experience is consistent with the varied text. Add graphics such as your business logo, banner, or images of your work to add color to your emails.

Seeing is believing; to gain potential customers’ trust, you need to show them how you work, what kind of services you offer, and what tools or equipment you use. 

For instance, if you provide deep cleaning services at home, you can attach images of a room or furniture before and after cleaning. GIFs are also an effective use of visuals to grab viewer attention. Another effective email campaign is sending out newsletters or flyers that are visually attractive and informative. Doing so is easy enough now, as you can find free templates of home cleaning flyers online!

Be consistent 

An important tip for executing a successful email marketing campaign is consistency. If you want your customers to remember your name and the services you provide, you need to stay at the top of their mail. 

You must send emails regularly and ensure you don’t spam the customer’s inbox. You must create a marketing plan to stay ahead and ensure you have enough email content. 

You might only sometimes have updates or discounts to offer your customers. In such an instance, you can send informative emails with useful cleaning hacks or DIY cleaning tools that help your customers and hook them to your emails. You can even send out emails with surveys or feedback forms to your existing customers that can help you improve your services. 

Ask for referrals 

One of the oldest yet most effective marketing strategies is word-of-mouth. If a family member or friend recommends a cleaning service, you’re more likely to trust them than any marketing tactic.


For this reason, you need to customize your emails for a segment of your most loyal customers.


You can offer them discounts or coupons on every referral. You can only expect some customers for a referral. To optimize your strategy, send timely referral emails to customers who just availed of your services and seem satisfied with you. 

Wrapping up

It used to take a lot of time and energy to execute an effective email marketing campaign, which will eventually be worthwhile for your cleaning business. Email promotions are now easy and simple through PosterMyWall’s Email Maker to create eye-catching and fully customizable emails which contain all the important details. 


It is an efficient way to market your services to existing and new customers and is cost-effective. Email marketing also allows you to be creative with your content and customize it for segments of your customers.

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