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How To Pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Examination

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

How To Pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Examination

After getting a few hands-on enjoy in AWS at some point of my latest projects, I determined to check my understanding in AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate. I turned into additionally hoping to study subjects which I hadn’t had possibility to dive into. This publish includes my mind on making ready and passing this examination. I won’t offer you with any instance questions (that is banned with the aid of using NDA), however I’ll attempt to come up with a few tips.

First of all, it turned into fun, due to the fact the examination doesn’t require you to memorise the whole API’s or recognize all ‘gotchas’ and configuration details. Instead, there are numerous questions like: ‘You’re approximately to construct excessive to be had dispensed software XYZ, which AWS offerings might you use?’. Because of this fact, the fine practise is actual-lifestyles enjoy in enforcing and deploying programs on AWS. In case you’ve got got an enjoy in a few, however now no longer all subjects defined in examination blueprint, you’ll want to examine a bit (as I additionally needed). I suggest taking beta examination (20 USD), which gave me an concept of ways the actual examination looks as if and stimulated me to research more (due to the fact I failed it the primary time).

I commenced gaining knowledge of from Cloudacademy courses, however I might now no longer suggest it except you need to research basics, which I already knew. Then I moved to AWS medical doctors and papers indexed in blueprint. Let’s undergo the maximum critical subjects to examine for the examination (and in AWS, in general).


VPC is a software program described community so ensure which you recognize what it means. You should recognize the variations among public and personal subnets and get acquainted with not unusualplace VPC eventualities. Other middle VPC subjects are safety businesses and community ACLs, and their use instances. The former are statefull and the latter are stateless, which has a few thrilling implications. I’m certain you’ll come upon questions checking out your information of this difference.


Regarding EC2, examine example lifecycle numerous times. It’s very critical to recognize whilst you could depend on specific example IPs or DNS names and whilst extent facts is preserved or lost. Another should examine is autoscalling guide, there are numerous matters to recognize approximately, like autoscalling businesses, triggers, example termination policies, cooldowns. Make certain you recognize it.

Cloud structure

You could be requested approximately how you will construct batch processing service, e-trade internet site and so on. Make certain you realize which offerings permit to decouple components, buildscalable share-not anything structure or defend facts (in transit and at rest). You’ll be additionally requested approximately constructing excessive to be had systems, so understanding approximately catastrophe healing eventualities may be useful.

Other subjects

Apart from certainly critical subjects I’ve mentioned, there are numerous extra subjects to examine:

  • IAM Users, Groups, Roles and Policies
  • Different alternatives of storage (S3, DynamoDB, RDS, Glacier)
  • Automating cloud structure with CloudFormation
  • Use instances of software offerings (PaaS) like SES, SQS, SWF, SNS and variations among them


I’ve discovered actual examination an awful lot simpler than the beta one, however still, it turned into as a substitute comprehensive. You can have eighty minutes, however I assume you’ll want no multiple hour which includes double checking each question (assuming you’re nicely prepared). Preparation wasn’t painful and I experience it stepped forward my understanding, so I’m stimulated to take different AWS certificate withinside the destiny. Check here for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams

If you’ve got got plans to byskip this examination withinside the close to destiny and feature questions, please don’t hesitate to invite in comments.

Any mind from licensed AWS architects might additionally be appreciated.


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