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How to Open MBOX File in Chrome Browser?

Learn how to easily open MBOX file in Chrome. Opening an MBOX file in the Google Chrome browser allows the user to properly read the data.

I have a few MBOX files that don’t have an extension. These MBOX files serve as a backup of my previous Thunderbird account. Another account is currently configured in Thunderbird.

I’d like to read the data contained in these orphaned MBOX files. I don’t want to import MBOX files into Thunderbird to reduce data complexity.

As a result, I consider launching it in Chrome Web Browser.

HTML files can be opened by the web browser. As a result, this issue can be resolved by converting MBOX files to HTML format.

But the question remains. How do you do it without opening these files in an email client?

Quick fix: Try the Advik MBOX to HTML Converter tool, which provides a direct option for doing so. It is completely self-contained, so you do not need to open your MBOX file in any email client. Download for free this application, which has a trial period that allows you to convert only the first 25 documents.

How to Open MBOX File in Chrome – Step by Step

The procedure for opening MBOX files in Chrome is very straightforward. The software uses advanced algorithms to extract files. Another advantage of this MBOX Converter is that it will extract MBOX attachments to a separate folder.

Simply follow these steps to understand how it works:

1. Install and run the automated tool on your system.

2. After that you, click on Add MBOX File and browse from the system.

3. Chose the email folders that you want to open in the browser.

4. Choose the location to save the exported file and hit on the Convert button.

Done! Here complete the process, and now you can open MBOX file in Chrome browser without any hassle.

Prominent Features of Automated Tool

The tool provides users with numerous advantages. Here are a few examples:

  • Batch Processing: The utility can export multiple MBOX files at the same time. Select the Select Folders option and add the MBOX file folder from your local storage.
  • Yes, a user can open only specific MBOX files in the Chrome browser. It allows you to select only the MBOX files you want.
  • Separate attachments: The user can easily save the inline attachment files to a separate folder.
    Open Without Thunderbird: The tool is entirely self-contained. Users do not need to install the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.
  • Open corrupted MBOX files in Chrome: Another great feature of this tool is its ability to open corrupted MBOX files in the Chrome browser. The tool’s Recovery Mode can repair a minorly corrupted MBOX file.
  • Run on a Mac or a Windows device: A user can open an MBOX file in Chrome on both a Mac and a Windows device.


This article is an excellent tutorial for users on how to open an MBOX file in Chrome. In Chrome, a user can open orphaned MBOX files as well as MBOX files without an extension. Aside from Chrome, it can also be accessed through other web browsers.

Another significant advantage of using this application is that users can read MBOX files on mobile devices as well.

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