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How To Monitor Traffic Flow On City Roads

Whether you live in London, Beijing, Delhi, New York, or Sydney, every big city has a common problem – traffic congestion. Such a problem takes place due to many reasons such as inadequate road infrastructure as per demand and a lack of real-time information on traffic flow monitoring and facilities to optimize the same. Here are some useful steps that can help you monitor traffic flow on your city roads on a low budget(Traffic flow monitoring): 

Install systems for traffic enforcement

The violation of traffic rules & regulations is the primary reason for heavy traffic on city roads. Many people break rules to reach their workplaces or homes soon. They still need to comprehend the importance of following traffic rules and the potential risks of violating the same. As a city administrator or traffic police head, you need to be highly strict and impose heavy charges for a certain period. With this, the city residents will have enforcement to follow the rules & regulations while being on city roads. And for traffic enforcement, you can install:

  • Red Light Violation Detection System 
  • Speed Violation Detection System 
  • Wrong-Way Detection System 
  • No Helmet Violation Detection System 
  • Triple Ride Violation Detection System  

Optimize traffic light  

We often come across a situation when we have to wait a lot or see a huge line of vehicles around a roundabout or turning point. Due to functional issues with traffic lights, the line gets bigger. The traffic lights showing red, green, or yellow signals do not work well at some turning points(Traffic flow monitoring).  

For better traffic flow, you (the city mayor or traffic police head) should optimize all traffic lights in your city. You should automate monitoring traffic lights and solve the issues as they are prone to happen or get visible. With a proper traffic light function, you can easily manage road traffic in your town/city.  

Construct more parking spaces 

In cities like Delhi, Noida, Patna, and Bangalore, we see people park their cars or scooters/bikes on the side of roads, particularly in commercial and residential areas. Such parking creates a huge problem for traffic flow. You need to be strict enough about illegal parking and construct more spaces for common people, businessmen, commercial setups, and allied others. With specific and wider parking spaces, you will reduce traffic congestion and enhance flow on your city roads.        

Increasing the frequency and number of public transportation means 

During peak hours (usually in the morning and evening), city buses, metros, and other means are overcrowded. Overcrowding happens due to a lower frequency and number of public transportation means. As a city mayor, you should direct the respective authority or work on increasing the number and frequency of public vehicles.  

Work to change the mindset of city residents about public transport 

People have a bad mindset about public transportation. They think public vehicles are late, a waste of time, and bad for their health. So, they prefer to ride their own vehicles or rent a private car or bike to reach their workplace, market, or places of their interests. As a respective concerned authority, you should work on changing the mindset of your city residents. And for this, you can ensure that public vehicles run timely and are safer now.  

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Enhance infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists  

Cyclists and pedestrians also cause congestion on city roads and affect traffic flow. You should ensure the availability of specific spaces on both sides of city roads for cyclists and pedestrians. With this, pedestrians and cyclists will use their designated areas and leave roads for vehicles. As a result, there will be a smooth flow of traffic gradually.   

Charge roadside or workplace parking 

People have a bad habit of parking their vehicles as per their wish. Illegal and unauthorized parking causes a barrier to smooth traffic flow. As a city mayor or traffic officer, you need to change this habit. And for this, impose a heavy charge for unauthorized and illegal parking. 


Managing and monitoring traffic on city roads is a little tricky. You can do it efficiently by taking a few steps. The steps can be heavy charges for traffic rule violations, traffic enforcement system installation, mindset change, and improvement in frequency & number of public vehicles.     

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