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How to Migrate Zoho to Gmail?- Complete Guide

You can read this blog if you wish to move your Zoho mail to Gmail. Your migration issue to Zoho mail can be resolved with the help of this blog.

Summary: Everyone today wants to maintain their competitiveness through excellent communication. Email clients for guest posting, however, fall short of users’ expectations. Users typically begin their search for another web-based application in this way. Users of Zoho Mail are exploring alternatives since they are dissatisfied with the service. In this article, we talk about it. Users’ Zoho mailboxes will be moved to Gmail with our assistance.


Software development is what Zoho does. It creates business-oriented tools and software. Additionally, it provides email services that function through web browsers, desktop clients, and Android-powered mobile devices.

Businesses primarily use this service.

An open-source web-based email client is Gmail. You can send and receive emails using its free email service. You can manage your contacts, calendar, and tasks in Gmail. Gmail can be accessed online, on a desktop computer (using a third-party program), and on iOS and Android mobile devices.

We must first understand the motivation for the migration before we can comprehend the Zoho Mail to Gmail process. The main justifications for switching from Zoho Mail to Gmail are listed below.

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Reasons to Migrate from Zoho to Gmail

  • Gmail is more professional than Zoho Mail.
  • Gmail was created by Google. It is a leader in the IT industry, as we are all aware. Users, therefore, believe Google.
  • There are numerous practical features already included in Google Mail, such as a Windows Phone client, API, collaboration capabilities, instant messaging, task management, and search tools. Gmail is a more formal option than Zoho Mail.
  • According to user research, Gmail is easier to use than Zoho Mail.
  • Zoho users can switch to Gmail since the latter offers 15GB of free storage.

After explaining the causes, we’ll go over how to import your Zoho mail into Gmail. Zoho Mail may be imported into

Both the manual and professional methods are described below for importing Zoho Mail to Gmail.

Professional Zoho Mail to Gmail migration

Download the top solution to export Zoho Mail to Gmail; if you don’t want to deal with the difficulties of the manual technique. You can migrate from Zoho to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, PST, OST, MBOX, etc. using this program. This tool stands out from other tools since it offers numerous sophisticated features. You may also test out this sample version for free.

Manual Zoho to Gmail migration

There are many methods you may use to transfer emails from Zoho to Gmail. You must follow certain procedures and make use of built-in programs. The term “manual methods” refers to them. Below, we’ll go through some manual methods for transferring Zoho emails to Gmail.

  • IMAP/POP settings to Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail
  • Import Zoho Mail to Gmail Account 

#1. Use IMAP / POP Settings to Transfer Zoho Mail to Gmail

  1. Log in to Zoho mail using the necessary information.
  2. Go to the settings page and select “Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP.”
  3. IMAP Access Section, select the Enable option in the pop-up dialogue and then click.
  4. Remember to take down the IMAP’s specifics.
  5. Use the necessary login information for the account on which you wish to import Zoho Mail to log into Gmail.
  6. Select Settings, then Accounts and Import, to see the Accounts and Import menu.
  7. Click Add Another Email Address on the Send mail page.
  8. Your screen will now display a new tab; click it to open it. Type your name and Zoho email address into the corresponding boxes while leaving the treat as an alias box empty.
  9. to keep moving forward. Press the Next button.
  10. On the following page, you will type in Next, fill out the required sections with your Zoho Mail email address and password.
  11. Set the Port value to 465 as well. After doing so, click the Add Account option.
  12. In the most recent emails you’ve received, click the confirmation link. You can reopen your Zoho Mail account by doing this.
  13. You click the Confirm email address link in the confirmation email that is subsequently delivered to your Gmail account.
  14. In the email that verifies your Zoho Mail account, enter the confirmation code.
  15. By carefully following the preceding instructions, you can convert Zoho mail to Gmail.

#2. Transfer Emails from Zoho to Gmail Account

  1. Go to the settings button after logging into Gmail.
  2. Select the Account and Import section at this time.
  3. Select the Contact option under Import Mail.
  4. Here Enter your Gmail account’s password.
  5. The account username, POP server hosting name, and port number should now be entered.
  6. After choosing the Use SSL check box, click on the Continue button.
  7. Select the Start Import button after making your selections in accordance with your needs.

Here, we go over how to manually convert Zoho to Gmail.

However, due to the numerous disadvantages of this strategy, users do not generally like it. Here is a list of some typical restrictions.

Limitations for Gmail to Zoho Mail

  • It is a drawn-out and drawn-out procedure.
  • The possibility of data loss exists.
  • Novice users struggle to perform well
  • Bulk imports are not possible.


In this post, we covered the rationale for importing Zoho contacts into Gmail as well as the manual and expert techniques for doing so. You can choose from any of them to resolve your Zoho Mail to Gmail issue.

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