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How to Make Your Pregnancy Enjoyable for Your Unborn Child

If you’re like many women, it’s your Sneak Peek 3D ultrasound, when you get to see your baby in real life, not just as a blob on the screen! After you and your spouse watch the heartbeat on that computer screen, all of the little measurements they take, How to Make Your Pregnancy Enjoyable for Your Unborn Child and all the other tests are done during pregnancy; everything else just doesn’t seem quite so exciting anymore.

What is Sneak Peek 3D?

Sneak peek 3D is a new interactive digital prenatal development experience that takes you through the phases of pregnancy, from conception to birth. And it’s free! All you need is your phone or tablet and internet access.  If you want to learn more about how ultrasound can benefit you and your unborn child, please keep reading below.

One thing that makes this program so special is the ability to interact with 3D models of fetuses at various stages of gestation – using touch-sensitive technology and intuitive gestures like swiping left or right on a screen to see inside the womb. In addition, as parents explore Sneak Peek 3D together with their children, they can customize their virtual pregnancy experience with two unique experiences based on age: budding (ages 4-7) and hatching (ages 8+).

How Does it Work?

3-D ultrasounds are a relatively new addition to prenatal care. They provide an incredible amount of information about the baby, from what they’ll look like when they’re born, how big they are, if there are any health problems in the womb or with the placenta, if twins are present in the womb, whether or not they have any birth defects and so much more. A woman will need to go in for an ultrasound so that a technician can take measurements of her abdomen. She will then lie on the table and put gel on her stomach. The technician will place a probe on top of her bellybutton, lower part of the uterus and clitoris (if she has one).  It should only take about 10 minutes for the procedure to be complete.

What are the Benefits?

Research shows that pregnant women who experience high levels of stress during pregnancy have higher rates of preterm birth, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and postpartum depression.Get Some ZZZs – Sleep deprivation can increase your risk of anxiety and depression.

How to Book a Session

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We are a group of friends who share a passion for photography, babies, and family. Sneak Peek 3D The sessions are done either in our home studio or on location at the place where you feel most connected to your pregnancy, whether it be at home, in the park with your dog, or the beach with your kids. Our goal is not just to document this time, but also make it enjoyable!

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