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How to Make a Progressive Web App From Your Website?

Progressive Web App

Having a website is an opportunity to make a first impression on the customers, but a website has many pitfalls; the major ones are bad-user experience, slow performance, and non-responsiveness. Therefore, there comes the urge to convert your website into a PWA.

A Progressive Web App works as a substitute for the website. These are much identical to a native app, with the functionality of a website having varied benefits, such as a reduction in loading times, good user experience, small size, app-like features, and much more.

PWAs have emerged as a life savior for businesses. After shifting towards PWA, Twitter’s page per session increased to 65%, and the bounce rate decreased to 20%; Treebo Hotels’ conversion rate increased 4 times, and so many successful examples.

If you want to increase the conversion rate and decrease the bounce rate of your website, it’s the right time to transform your website into a PWA. We recommend not doing this if you lag in technical know-how; show some trust in the reliable Progressive Web App development company.

This blog guides you through how you can make a Progressive Web App from your website.

You can create a PWA from your website in two ways:

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  • Manual Method
  • PWA Development Company

Manual Method

You can make a PWA on your own if you possess technical skills. The steps to develop a PWA by using a manual method are as follows:


Your website should be secured; it must have an active HTTPS protocol, as the PWAs are fully secured because they work with the HTTPS protocols.

To convert your website into a PWA, make sure that your website has an HTTPS certificate.

Manifest File

A manifest file is a simple JSON code containing all your PWA’s essential data. It indicates how it will behave when downloaded by the user on their desktops and mobiles.

You must create a manifest.json file to convert your site into a PWA. The PWA includes all the various properties, such as name, scope, URL structure, icons, orientation, etc., that are displayed on the home screen of your PWA.

Service Worker

It is a JavaScript code that will run in the background so that it can perform background tasks.

A service worker helps thwart network requests, cache or fetch resources from the cache, and deliver push messages.

The first thing to do is to register your service worker. Registration indicates where your browser is located, and then start installing in the background.

Afterward, you have to generate the files through some coding commands.

After doing all the steps, you will get a PWA that will work as per your expectations and requirements.

PWA Development Company

The other way is to look for a PWA development company.  It can help you build a robust PWA with the right features.

The company can work efficiently with an agile development approach. Their agile approach helps streamline and expedite the development process. They work on advanced and innovative frameworks/libraries such as ReactJS, Angular, and Vue.js to develop excellent PWA solutions.

A PWA development company can deliver your progressive web app on time meeting the deadline. They have experienced developers who understand clients’ requirements and develop accordingly. They can meet your requirements by integrating requisite functionalities into your PWA.

A Comprehensive Guide to Migrate Website into Progressive Web App (PWA)

Summing Up

Progressive Web Apps are innovative web development solution that offers the look and feel of a native application.

With many benefits, Progressive Web App has become one of the preferred choices of businesses to grow in the market. You can convert your website into a PWA to experience business growth.

Creating a Progressive web app on your own is quite a time-taking process with a mixture of knowledge and effort, whereas you can hire web developers for a quick and hassle-free development process.

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