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How to Look After Your Clothes To Best

Look After Your Clothes,  It’s one thing to buy clothes that will last, but there’s a lot you can do to help them last even longer. For advice on how to care for our clothes, we turned to designers and the dry cleaners they recommend. And our main takeaway is that, above all, whatever we wear should be fun to wear – accessorised with a sense of adventure rather than a dread of ruining it. Here are some professional recommendations for how to properly wear, store, and clean your clothes to extend the life of your favourite pieces.

How to Look After Your Clothes To Best


1. Wash a little less.

Before you wash your printed shirts for men think twice. According to Chris Morton, head seamstress at Clothes Doctor, “washing garments too often might actually cause harm to the fibres and so limit the lifespan.” “This is especially true with dry cleaning, which uses harsh chemicals that flatten natural fibre follicles in some materials.

Rather than flinging an item in the wash bin if it isn’t unclean but needs to be freshened up, try hanging it outside or in a steamy bathroom to breathe first.

2. Use low-temperature washing.

When it’s time to wash your garments, do so at a lower temperature. “Wash garments at a low temperature using a gentle, natural laundry detergent to keep the fabric clean and supple while also preventing colour loss,” Morton recommends. Washing and tumble drying account for 80% of the emissions created during the ‘in-use’ stage of a shirt’s life cycle over a year; washing at 30° or less helps to cut those emissions while also protecting your clothes.

Items that come into direct touch with your skin, such as underwear, bedding, and towels, may need to be washed at a higher temperature.

3. Read the care labels carefully.

Laundering different materials necessitate different procedures. Wool, for example, should only be washed when absolutely necessary, and then only on a mild cycle or by hand. “It’s critical to take adequate care of delicate textiles like cashmere and silk, which are especially prone to harm from harsh chemicals and heat,” Morton explains.

Pay close attention to the label’s instructions, which will tell you what the maximum suggested temperature for washing an item is (rather than the recommended temperature). Unless the label specifies dry cleaning only. 

4. Avoid excessive dry cleaning

because of the extra work involved in cleaning a garment marked “dry clean only,” one-third of buyers avoid purchasing it. However, most delicate products marked “dry clean only” may be laundered on gentle, lower temperature cycles (unless the item has details that might become damaged in the washing machine).

Dry cleaning is a chemical-intensive method that has significant environmental consequences and can harm textile fibres and the skin of users.

5. Properly store

The right storage may dramatically extend the life of a garment,” Chris explains. “Keep all clothes and Rajasthani printed shirt in a cool, dry place to keep them safe from moisture, sunlight, and heat, which may all harm them.” Before storing your garments, make sure they’re clean, as dirt and surface debris might attract moths, which can ruin your clothes. For further protection against clothes moths, try storing your knitwear with lavender or mothballs.

It’s crucial not to overcrowd your closet; garments want space to breathe, and rubbing together can cause wrinkling and colour loss.

6. Change the style to match your needs or to keep it fresh.

Many people stop wearing their favourite thing because it no longer fits them or they don’t enjoy the style,” Chris explains. “A simple change, such as bringing in the waist or shortening a full-length dress into a mid or short length, can give you the feeling of a new outfit while also keeping your old favourites up to date with the latest design.”


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