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How to Import Mailbox MBOX into Gmail

Use MBOX to Gmail Converter to Import Mailbox MBOX into Gmail on Mac OS

In this blog, we will provide a complete technique about how to import Mailbox MBOX into Gmail with exact details. It will be one of the best and unique solution to import Mailbox MBOX into Gmail, G Suite account, or any other Google App along with all emails and precise attachments. So, get ready to read this content till the end and gather the whole solution for converting your MBOX emails into Gmail.

Some Query

Hey, I am Albert and for a few days I am searching for a solution to import Mailbox MBOX into Gmail/G Suite account, but unable to find an exact solution. If you have any solution to export my MBOX email files into a Gmail account, so please share any idea with me.

I have 2000+ MBOX files on my computer system, and now I want to export them into another Gmail/G Suite account. But the problem is I have no idea how to export Mailbox MBOX into Gmail. I have read many contents and forums, but have not been able to search the exact method of MBOX to Gmail Conversion. If you have any reliable solution to solve this problem, then please recommend me.

Overview: CubexSoft MBOX to Gmail Converter

MBOX to Gmail tool is an easy and reliable application that is operated by both technical and non-technical users who are searching solution for “how to import Mailbox MBOX into Gmail without any fear of data loss” query. It is an advanced application that export/imports your MBOX emails into Gmail/G Suite along with all email content, formatting, and attachments in their original format. The software only requires your login ID details of your Gmail account to save all variants of MBOX files i.e. with or without extension, mailbox, MBOX, MBS, and MBX into your Gmail account with a safe and secure process. Now, let’s take a look at its beneficial and helpful working guide that makes the complete conversion of MBOX emails into a Gmail account with no issue.

Method to Export MBOX Mailbox into Gmail Account

Now follow the working guide of the software for exporting MBOX into Gmail/G Suite account without any trouble:

Step 1. Install, and Download MBOX to Gmail application on your Windows desktop.

Step 2. Press on the Add File or Add Folder option and select the MBOX Mailboxes for transferring into Gmail. Then click on the Next button.

Step 3. Now, it will provide two options choose one option between 1. Convert all MBOX emails into a single Gmail account, and 2. Convert each MBOX file into a different Gmail. And again click on the Next.

Step 4. Then fill in the login ID and password of your Gmail account for converting all MBOX mailboxes into a single Gmail account. Click on the Export button.

Step 5. After clicking on the Export button, the converter software will start the procedure of transferring MBOX files into Gmail. Therefore you can see the live conversion process with the green status bar.

Step 6. When the complete migration procedure, a message will appear such as Conversion is completed successfully. Then, click on the OK button.

Let’s View the Mac MBOX to Gmail Process

The MBOX Converter allows the migration of MBOX emails of all supported email client applications such as – Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora (MBX), Entourage, SeaMonkey, Pocomail, Opera Mail, etc.


Saving MBOX Mailboxes into a Gmail account is a common need. Many times users want to import MBOX files into the Gmai/G suite account. So you follow the above technique in which I have explained in detail “How to export all MBOX files and emails to Gmail account”. You can accomplish such needs using the perfect solution MBOX to Gmail Converter. For more information, download the free version of the software to move up to 20 MBOX emails into a Gmail account without paying any single cost.

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