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How to Hang Up Lights on Your Balcony Floor

Not everyone has enough room to display strings of lights on their porch, but if you have a balcony floor, you may be able to use it as an alternative place to put your lights up during the holiday season. The  balkong golv gives you more floor space and provides even more of an opportunity to decorate your outdoor space than you would have with the porch alone. Here’s how to hang up LED lights on your balcony floor.

Adhesive Hooks are Easy to Use

If you want a underhållsfritt balkonggolv for your lights, try using adhesive hooks. These plastic hooks are easy to install and remove, and can be use with any type of flooring. The hooks have a wide face that sits flush against the floor to provide an unobstructed surface for hanging decorations. They come in several different sizes and can support up to five pounds each. To keep them from moving over time, make sure they’re screwed into the studs of your wall or beams at a 45-degree angle, so they’ll hold more weight and stay put longer.

How Adhesive Hooks Work

The hook is a flat, plastic object that has a coating of adhesive on the back. It is typically use for hanging up curtains or other items along walls and supports. The hook can also be used as an alternative to nails for hanging lights around your balcony floor. To hang up lights with adhesive hooks, you will need to press the hooks along the walls and supports of your balcony floor which offer a handy, nail-free way to show off your lights. Drape your LED lights over the hooks instead of nailing them in place around your outdoor space.

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Lights on Balcony Floor

Consider Distance Between Hooks

When hanging lights from adhesive hooks, space the hooks so that there is enough room between them for the lights to drape. This will allow you to hang up even more lights as well as move them around for different looks. For a maintenance-free balcony floor, place your hooks at least 3 inches away from each other and 4 feet away from the baseboard. Plastic floor balcony: use less distance between hooks, no more than 2 inches and 3 feet away from the baseboard. Wooden floor to balcony: use less distance between hooks, no more than 1 inch and 3 feet away from the baseboard.

Install PVC Pipes Over Hooks

If you’re hanging lights from a PVC pipe, you’ll need to drill three holes in the pipe for each hook: one at the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom. Screw hooks into these holes and place them on your balcony’s floor. Be sure not to screw them all the way in so that you can slide them along to hang up your lights. Make sure your hooks are also secure enough so that they won’t come loose when people walk over them with their shoes on.

If there’s no balcony railing, use wooden boards or other sturdy material that will support your weight as you hang up lights. If there is a railing but it doesn’t reach the ground, try using long screws or nails and attaching hooks directly into the wood of each board.

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