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How To Get Into Play To Earn NFT Games In 2022?

The recent buzz in the gaming industry is all about the introduction of NFTs in video games. The evolution of the gaming industry is fascinating, especially since it started with pay-to-play and evolved into Play to earn today. Gone are the days when your parents would scold you for playing games all the time. You will stand without answers when they ask you if the games you play would earn you money for your living? Well, if you are still into video games and if someone asks you the same question to you, you can confidently say YES! Play-to-earn NFT games are now in the spotlight ever since the boom of NFTs in 2021. Excited to get to know this new trend in gaming? Here is a quick guide to take you through the basics and get you started with blockchain-based games.

Is it really worth a try?

The crypto market is at its low, and it is recovering at a slow pace. Is it really the right time to play NFT games that runs on the blockchain? What if NFTs go down too? These must be the first few questions you might want answers immediately. Making the right decision matters. So it is natural to question these things in your mind. Here are the answers to your confusion too. 

Though there was a crash in the Crypto market, the demand for the NFTs stayed constant in the first quarter of 2022. This is proven by the sales volume of the quarter of $12 billion, which is higher than the last quarter of 2021. Also, reports from finder indicated that the demand for gaming NFTs was high, with a huge crowd in Play to earn NFT marketplaces. It was also found that the number of daily active wallet users was high in these gaming marketplaces. So now you know the solution to your confusion. 

Diving into NFT games

If you are here, you might have already found some interesting NFT games to play. Or you might have your friend playing and earning through it. If not, you will have to do your research on that and find the right game for you. To give you an outline, there are games of Pet Battles, F1 car and Horse races, Cricket NFT games, Fantasy football games, kitten battles, and more. Select the genre you are interested in and look into the games based on that. Once done, you will have to do the following.

  • Log in with your basic details in the game and look for the wallet that the game uses. Some games use in-built wallets, while some ask you to integrate a general web 3.0 wallet like Metamask. 
  • Find that requirement and create a wallet for yourself. This wallet will help you to store the NFTs that will allow you to play the game.
  • Once the wallet setup and integration are complete, you will have to fund the wallet. Some NFT gaming platforms use in-game currencies, while some allow you to pay through fiat money or stable crypto coins. Get clear with the details.
  • Fill your wallet with needed funds. 
  • Buy the NFT avatar or character of your choice. Usually, these NFTs will be categorized on the basis of price and their rarity.
  • Once you own an NFT, the NFT will get stored in your wallet, and you are now free to play. 
  • Every time you play, win and score points, you get rewarded according to that. Check if your points are getting added to your profile. Many games allow players to redeem their rewards only after reaching certain threshold points. Keep a tab on them and enjoy the game.


NFT games supported a lot of gamers during the pandemic to make their living with the rewards. The idea of earning a passive income from a play-to-earn NFT marketplace and games enlightened the professional gamers by giving fun and money at the same time.

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