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How to Get a Facial Hair Transplant in Beverly Hills

Many factors can cause facial hair loss. If you have started facing facial hair loss problems, you should see a dermatologist to determine what element triggers this type of hair loss. He will then determine its cause and suggest various treatments for hair loss, like a beard hair transplant. Patients can get treated for a patchy beard, sideburn, and hair loss from the facial area through a full beard transplant.

Why take a beard hair transplant?

As fuller and thicker beards are in fashion. Men with fuller beards look more attractive and charming. This is why every man nowadays wants to acquire such looks. Some men have fuller beards naturally, while others struggle to grow so. A full beard transplant will work like absolute magic for those who can’t have a fuller beard or beard. You can shape, reshape and fill a patchy beard, as well as you can grow a fuller and thicker beard and recover from facial hair loss. The transplant can also be helpful for FTM (female to male) transgender.

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What problems can a beard transplant solve?

In a beard transplant, the following problems can be solved. Let’s have a quick look at them:

  • A beard hair transplant helps solve facial hair problems caused by a condition known as alopecia.
  • A full beard transplant helps fill up the bald patches in the beard.
  • The procedure helps to build a beard from scratch.
  • The procedure is best known for triggering the growth of naturally thicker hair.
  • Female to male transgender can grow a beard by using this transplant. They can achieve a natural look that suits their preferred gender.
  • Facial hair transplant also helps to grow a fuller eyebrow. Thicker and fuller eyebrows are in fashion nowadays. They look stunning.

How is a beard transplant performed?

Beverly Hills can do minor fillings to complete facial hair filling using FUE (follicular unit extraction). Transplant technique. In a beard transplant, hair grafts are implanted in the donor areas. These hair grafts can be extracted from any part of the body.  

Follicular unit extraction:

Follicular unit extraction is a surgical procedure, which is why it can cause a little discomfort. The doctor will inject you with local anesthesia to deal with this discomfort. This injection will help to numb the pain. After the procedure, you may suffer from redness and inflammation. But the doctors will provide you with some painkillers to deal with such pain.

The procedure involves the following steps:

Harvest hair strands:

Harvesting healthy hair strands is the first step of this transplant. In FUE, one hair strand can be taken out at one time. These hair follicles can be extracted from any part of the body. The only thing that matters is the health of these hair follicles.


The doctor will implant the extracted hair follicle one by one into the donor area. The surgeon will use his artistic skills to place these hair follicles in a place that will suit their facial shape and features. The transplant will take some sessions to get completed.


Recovery after receiving a beard hair transplant is short. As the procedure doesn’t involve cutting and stitching, it will take only a few days. The results will start showing once the transplanted hair falls off and new hair in these areas begins to grow. You can trim the shape and style your beard as you like after the transplant, and it won’t affect its growth and thickness. The transplants look so natural that no one can tell the difference between a natural and a transplanted beard.

For your recovery phase, avoid going into direct sunlight, going to a swimming pool, avoid taking a hot shower, and washing your face with hot water for a day at least. Don’t go to the sauna and steam rooms. Don’t use any cream or facial serums for some days.


A beard hair transplant solves many problems and suits a female-to-male transgender person. A full beard transplant can help men build beards from scratch. The transplant will help treat hair fall caused by a condition named alopecia. A Beard hair transplant is performed by using the follicular unit extraction technique. The transplant is more expensive than follicular unit transplantation. The work of this transplant is well-explained in this blog.

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