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How to Fix “Can’t Download Attachments from Gmail”?

User query -: “Hello, I am trying to download attachments from Gmail for the last many days but unable to download them. I tried to resolve this problem by various methods, I asked friends, and colleagues, searched on the internet, and read many blogs but still, I can’t download attachments from Gmail and am unable to find the correct method. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please let me know so that I can download attachments from Gmail”

In this technical article, we will try to solve users’ queries, and this type of query is continuously asked by many users: “unable to download attachments from Gmail.” Here we’ll discuss two methods through which you can easily download attachments from Gmail.

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Why Users Cannot Download Attachments from Gmail – Reasons

Well, there are many reasons behind this why users are not able to download Gmail attachments, but here we will discuss the most common reason that users face while downloading the attachments.

Confidential Mode on Gmail: If someone sends a message with confidential mode ON, you can’t print, download, and save the attachments of an email. So ask the sender to remove this confidential mode so you can download the Gmail attachment. Otherwise, there is no other method to solve users’ problems if the confidential mode is on.

The attachment file is very large: Gmail doesn’t allow users to send and receive emails with large attachments. If someone wants to send or receive a file larger than 25 MB, we highly recommend you to use Gmail Drive.

Not enough storage space: If there is not enough space in your Gmail to store the Gmail emails. So Gmail won’t allow you to receive email.

The attachment file contains a virus: If your file is infected with a virus and you try to send it to someone, So Gmail automatically rejects emails to prevent users from being infected.

So these are all the most common reasons due to which users face problems downloading attachments from Gmail. Now we will learn the solutions through which users can easily resolve the problem.

Manual Solution to Fix Can’t Download Attachments from Gmail

Well, we don’t have any manual method to download attachments. But here we are going to share a few things with the help of this user can avoid the problems. Users might resolve their problem by doing the following things:

Clear browser cache: Users should clear the browsing history, and junk files from their browser.

Turn off antivirus: It can also be possible that your antivirus is denying the files to download in your system by Gmail account.

Check for the supported browser: Some browsers don’t support Google services. If users are facing problems continuously so they should change their browser.

Update the current Browser: Users should always use the latest version of the browser.

All these points can help you to download attachments from Gmail.
If you are still not able to download attachments after following all these steps. So, in the upcoming section, we will try to solve your query with the help of an alternative method.

Alternative Solution to Download Attachments from Gmail

The problem that users face while downloading attachments that can be resolved within a second, and a quick way to solve the problem is by taking the help of a third-party Gmail Mailbox Backup Tool.

The software allows users to download attachments in multiple file formats such as PDF, MSG, PST, MBOX, EML, etc., and users can also download attachments in bulk without any data being disordered. Users can easily share and access these attachment files.

Steps to Download Attachments from Your Gmail Account-:

  1. Download and run the software on your Windows system.
  2. Login with your Gmail credential
  3. Select “E-mails” in the Select Category option
  4. Then select the required file format under the Select E-mail Format
  5. Browse to the location where you want to save the emails
  6. Now, click on the “Start” button to start the process of downloading
  7. Then, open PDF files on your local system and save the required attachments.

Your data is saved successfully.


Here, we tried to explain why Gmail won’t allow you to download attachments. We also discussed how you can fix such problems. We have provided two solutions that can help users resolve their problems. The first one is a manual, which takes a lot of time and also needs technical knowledge, and the second one is an alternative solution to download all emails and their attachments without any problems. Now, it is your call that which method you choose or not.

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