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How To Draw A Cartoon Jellyfish

How To Draw A Cartoon Jellyfish

How To Draw A Cartoon Jellyfish

How To Draw A Cartoon Jellyfish There are nearly constant surprises to see underneath the wetness of the seas and bodies of dampness that protect our world. Animals come in all forms, sizes, and sorts; each retains something unique to offer. Jellyfish are some of the numerous extraordinary animals in the ocean and arrive in wide sort sit can be so considerably fun to complete your cute jellyfish, and that’s what we’ll exist accomplishing in this focus on how to remove a funny jellyfish! At the back of these seven actions, you will maintain a pretty jellyfish companion to contact on your own. With that, allows start this step-by-step directory on how to draw a funny jellyfish in simply six fun and painless efforts! If you are looking for some cute drawings like cute cat drawing, cute dog drawing and many more, then you are at the right place.

How to remove a funny jellyfish – allow contact to be initiated!

Step 1

For this rather part of your comic jellyfish sketch, we’ll begin with the body shape of this attractive jellyfish. As you will notice in the last picture, this procedure’s body shape is relatively easy. Nevertheless, that helps make it even more attractive! Instead, to create this method, you’ll draw a globular stripe for the body’s top border. We then add irregular lines to the body’s ground, and you can begin by expanding the base scheme a bit. Once it examines as it does in our connection notion, you can move to step 2.

Step 2: Remove the bottom of the body.

We said an uneven ground for the procedure in the preferable stage of our focus on drawing a comic jellyfish, and we will remove that bottom in these two steps. This bar choice bends the router near the center of the bottom and will be drawn using a series of smaller rounded lines that connect. Creating this base should be simple; you can refer to the reference image to help you draw.

Step 3: Add the Facial Details.

You’ve finished outlining the body of this jellyfish, and now we’ll start adding a cute face design to the image. For the eyes, draw some oval, almost egg-shaped shapes near the center of the face. These will also have some simple curved lines for different facial expressions. The eyes will then have a small, simple curved line between them for a small, smiling mouth. Once these items have been added, we will continue to add more details as we go.

Step 4: Now draw some tentacles under the cartoon jellyfish.

Real jellyfish often have tentacles dangling below them, and now we’ll start adding some of these to your cartoon jellyfish drawing. For now, we’ll add three to the left side of the body. These will be long, thin, and rounded; you can also change the length and position of these tentacles as you wish. That’s all for now, so let’s move on to step 5 when you’re ready!

Step 5: Remove the remainder of the tentacles.

Now, we’ll add four more tentacles to complete this portion of the jellyfish. These will fill the space on the right side of the base you’ve been working on. Again, you can change these tentacles’ details and position to suit your tastes. When you’ve added these final tentacles, we’ll add the final touches and additional details in the sixth step of the guide.

Step 6: Directly Add Some Last Facts.

You’re almost ready to add some color in the final step of this guide on how to draw a cartoon jellyfish, but first, we’ll add some details and finishing touches. You’ll also be able to add some extra details on your own, but we’ll get to that soon! First, we’ll add an underwater environment by drawing bubbles around this jellyfish. These can be drawn using simple rounded shapes; this is another detail where you can add more or less depending on your preference. Then you could add some excellent details on your own! You could draw a background that shows fantastic ocean scenery, allowing you to add more sea creatures or an incredible landscape. What will you do to add your touches to this image?

Step 7: Finish your drawing with some color.

This cartoon jellyfish already looks fantastic, but you can make it look even better with a bit of color! In our example image, we show you one of the ways you can color this cute jellyfish. We used various shades of pinks and purples for the jellyfish, which helped give it a lovely, softer look. Of course, you can also choose unique color options to add your touch! You can also play around with different artistic tools and media. Jellyfish have a pretty translucent texture, almost transparent in real life, so we believe that smoother artistic mediums like l

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