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How To Decide Which Essential Oil Brand Is Best?

When we talk about the “best” brand, we talk about which works best for you. An inseparable component of aromatherapy, essential oils has remained controversial among health experts. The market for these concentrated potions of plant scents has experienced a boom. Scented candles and essential oils are a significant aspect of the current internet lifestyle aesthetic. So, how exactly is the scent extracted from plants, and how is it made into an oil? Again, since so many brands manufacture and sell essential oils, how are you supposed to pick one? To get your answers, keep reading.

Manufacturing Of Essential Oils

It is easy to get lost in the sea of aromatherapy essential oils. They are all over the place: from candles to soaps to perfumes. But how exactly are these oils made?

Essential oils are the concentrated essences of plants extracted through distillation or cold pressing. The scents are typically extracted from flowers, fruits, leaves, and bark. The process of extraction involves a solvent like alcohol or water mixed with plant material and then heated to boil off the liquid.

To make essential oil, you need to use a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil as a base for your blend. Then mix your choice of herbs and fruits until you achieve a thick paste-like consistency. Once you have reached this stage, add some other ingredients like honey or sugar if desired, and then pour it into glass bottles using droppers attached on each side so that you can control how much product comes out at once without wasting any precious product!

Selection And Pricing Of Essential Oils

The price of essential oils is determined by several factors, including the brand’s reputation, the quality and rarity of the plants used in their production, and the company’s marketing strategy.

How organic?

Essential oils are made from plants that can be found far and wide and sometimes right in your backyard or around your home. The plants used for essential oil extraction tend to be expensive because they  are rare or naturally fragrant. If the brand uses plant materials from far away, they will have to pay more, showing up on your receipt as a higher price tag.

Many companies do not grow their plants for essential oil extraction; instead, they buy them from suppliers who have already grown and harvested them. These companies must ensure they can cover all their costs before selling their products at retail prices so they often charge more than other brands do!

Where does the produce come from?

Some brands may also use synthetic components in their manufacturing process (which can be cheaper than using all-natural materials) or offer “concentrated” versions of their scents (which are made with more potent ingredients). This helps bring down costs but benefits you less than organic essential oils do. There might even be some harm depending on the manufacturers’ chemicals.

FDA regulations

For starters, there is no government regulation on essential oil labelling so brands can say whatever they want about how “organic” or “therapeutic” their products are without having any actual proof behind those claims. This means you should always research before buying anything labelled as “100% organic” or “therapeutic.” It also means that when buying essential oils at an affordable price point, sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes what you pay.

On a budget?

If you are starting aromatherapy, it is probably best to choose an essential oil type that makes sense for your budget. You do not need to spend a fortune on rose or lavender essential oils when lemon would do just fine! Find the best essential oils that work for your needs.But if you want something extra special, it is time to pull out the credit card.

When it comes to spending money on essential oils, there are three things to consider:

1) How much will this cost me?

2) Is this worth the price?

3) What kind of benefits will I get from using this product?

Best Essential Oils Brands

You can try some essential oil brands on the market before you figure out which ones you like. We have already done the work for you, and we are here to make your life easier with a list of the best brands in the business.

We have chosen these brands based on a few key considerations: the purity of their oils, how popular they are with consumers, how long they have been in business, and their prices. This is by no means an exhaustive list we know there are more great brands out there that we have not included. But it is an excellent place to start if you are looking for new oils!

So please take a look through our list, and find one that sounds interesting! Then go try it out!

Young Living

The multinational company has been among the best essential oil brands. It has been in business since 1993 and have their headquarters in Utah. They also have offices in Australia, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Singapore. People manage their sales through independent retailers and consultants who are later paid a commission for pitching buyers. To cover the costs of the commission, the company manages to include it in the selling price of their sales of essential oils.

The purity of their oils can be trusted blindly. The company has its proprietary SeedToSeal process, which regulates the production of plants and the manufacture of oils. Young Living is an essential oil brand that cultivates some of the plants they need in the farms that they own. This automatically makes the pricing of their oils expensive for the general population. A one-time experience would be enough for the ones who need help to afford to buy these regularly.

Plant Therapy

A relatively newer essential oil brand, Plant Therapy offers its buyers a wide range of products. From single oils to blends, sets, roll-ons, diffusers, carrier oils, and even accessories, Plant Therapy acts as a one-stop destination for aromatherapy enthusiasts. It is also the first essential oil brand that makes its test results available for free download.

Unlike many other brands, Plant Therapy offers you a reasonable price point with added benefits of frequent deals and giveaways. This feature makes it the best essential oil brand for the people on a budget. Another interesting fact about Plant Therapy is that they offer you a full refund if you are unsatisfied with the product. The condition here is the refund must be demanded within 90 days of receiving your batch of oils.

Revive Essential Oils

Like Plant Therapy, their test results for every batch of oils and blends are readily available for download from their website. But unlike them, Revive Essential Oils stick to their passion for exclusively manufacturing Essential Oils. Their online store offers 93 single oils, 40 blends, 11 essential oil kits, and 7 carrier oils. They also give you a choice among 5 CBD oils, 3 diffusers, and a few other accessories, like empty glass bottles that you could use for making DIY oils.

The price point of Revive Essential Oils is reasonable. They neither charge an expensive amount nor make it seem suspiciously cheap.


Consider the above information explicitly curated to help you choose an excellent essential oil brand for your experience with aromatherapy. Let us know if you have a recommendation for brands. We welcome your reviews about oils from the above-recommended brands.

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