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How to choose the right secondary school?

The education industry has seen a considerable rise in the last decade as people got more aware of its importance. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of school options, making it challenging to decide where you should enrol your child. Moreover, the curriculum options are diverse, so a parent must dig deeper to make a fruitful decision. Things get even more complicated if you are an expat or when your child reaches the secondary school level. In both cases, you cannot afford to take risks, so you need to make a wise decision in one attempt.

If you are also looking for schools in Abu Dhabi City, brace yourself for thorough research. You will get many school options, offering the curriculum plan you prefer for your child. So, finding the school is not a challenge; but narrowing your options and choosing the best one certainly is. We have discussed the expert tips to help you choose the best international secondary school for your child.

Tips for choosing the international secondary school 

Curriculum Choice

The primary thing you should decide on is the curriculum plan you want for your child. Once you know what option you want, you can use it as a constraint and look for similar school options only. For example, as you are looking for an international school, the curriculum you get would definitely have global recognition. You only need to ensure that your child can adjust well to it.


Check the market reputation of the school by reading the review and ratings given by parents. You should read every piece of feedback carefully to ensure parents recommend the school for the promising future of children. Moreover, you should verify the school ratings on trusted authority websites and choose a school with an excellent credibility.

Academic Record

The fundamental requirement of the school is academics. Hence, the school should have an excellent academic record to help your child excel academically. You can check the past records to see how their students have performed in the past years. This information is available on the website, but if you do not find it there, ask the concerned team to share relevant information.


It is fruitful to check the amenities offered by the school to ensure they offer everything your child might need to design a promising future. Take a tour of the infrastructure and the facilities offered and emphasize well-equipped laboratories, SMART classrooms, and likewise. For this, you can plan a personal visit to the school and check everything thoroughly.

Staff expertise 

Another thing you should consider is the expertise level of the non-teaching and the teaching staff. Check the school brochure or website to verify the qualification of the staff members. Make sure they hold expertise in handling secondary school children. Know that only an expert knows how to handle children and give them the right career direction, so you may do whatever but never compromise when it is about the proficiency of the teaching and non-teaching staff members.


Commute often gets challenging for many parents as children get overtired if the school is far away. The ideal way is to choose a school that is nearby or opts for a school that provides commute services. This way, you can rest assured that your child will reach home safely and not get drained due to the extra traveling time.

These tips can help you filter the available options and choose the best school for your child. You can also ask other parents in your network to suggest the schools they recommend. Ask them why they chose a particular school for their children, and if their vision complies with yours, you can go ahead with the final enrolment.

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