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How to Choose the Best Leather Jacket: a Complete Guide to Choosing your Best match

Complete Guide to Choosing your Best Leather Jacket

Before buying anything, the first thing you would do is undertake a specific list of things that would ensure whether you are buying the right thing or not, right? The same is the case with a leather jacket – but rather in stricter terms. Buying a leather jacket is no easy feat, but nonetheless, the task is crucially important because a leather jacket is one of those staple pieces that come in a hefty amount of money and on the contrary, it lasts a long time – which means you have multiple reasons to ace the task because you neither want to miss out on the best stuff due to the amount that you will be spending in buying the piece and also because of the time they are going to stay in your wardrobe.

There are a number of factors that distinguishes a great leather jacket from a terrible one – and being aware of them is the first step towards acing the whole process. This is what we intend to do with this comprehensive guide to buying a leather jacket. If this is the first time you are buying a leather jacket, these are the things that you keep in your mind and also pay heed to in order to accomplish the task successfully.


  • Leather Materials and the Distinction

First things first: when you head out of your house (or scroll online) for the best leather jacket options, the first thing that you must keep in your mind while looking for the best options is to determine and choose the leather material. When the distinction is to be made, there is a long list that you must consider. First and foremost, ask yourself this question whether you are looking for an authentic leather jacket or a faux leather jacket? You can only figure out the answer to that question if you are aware of the difference between the two. So here is what must make the distinction straight for you.

Authentic leather jackets are made from genuine leather materials, which are generated from the hides of various animals such as calfskin, sheepskin, goatskin and the exotic ones such as extracted from the snakes and giraffes. At the same time, the faux leather jacket does not involve the use of animals and is made from synthetic materials. The main difference that sets both types of leather jackets apart is their durability. Authentic leather jackets are more durable, reliable and last a long time.

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In contrast, their faux counterpart does not come with the same guarantee. While they might provide you with warmth and sustain some decent amount of time, their guarantee is limited. Another remarkable and distinctive feature of an authentic leather jacket is its sheen that grows and develops even more with time, as the leather develops a patina as the time passes, while, on the other hand, faux leather jackets crack and flake. Apart from the authentic leather sheen, the best way to distinguish the authentic leather from the faux one is the distinctive smell that comes with genuine leather jackets but is missing in the faux version. Real leather jackets have a pugnacious smell that exhumes nature’s vibe. While on the other hand, faux leather only reeks of chemicals and synthetics that are incorporated into its making.

Like humans, even animals’ skin contains some scars and blemishes that they get over their lifespan, which renders a distinctive, exotic touch to authentic leather jackets. Now that you know the difference choosing the befitting match between the two types would be a lot easier for you. Leather jackets made from genuine leather are expensive, too, due to the number of extra perks that they come up with.


  • Different Colors

Life is too short to wear a color that does not sync with your personality, or you do not find likeable, and that stays true even when it comes to choosing the perfect color match in the leather jacket. The widely color that is mostly chosen in a leather jacket is black and brown, but with the availability of the diverse range of dyes and colors now, they come in even a greater number of color options. Every leather jacket depicts different energy. So whether you want to go with a black leather jacket, a brown leather jacket or the one in the most unconventional of shades – the call is totally yours, but before getting something packed, do not forget to weigh the different options thoroughly.

If you want to go with something edgy with a signature style, then you must go for the black and brown. White would make an utterly chic flamboyant option. At the same time, with a red leather jacket can, you can show off a totally different side, and a blue one is for the brave-hearted individuals who want to go for off-kilter options totally that have an inherent bright yet subdued vibe.


  • The Right Fit

Here is the basic rule that you must live by – never wear a leather jacket that does not fit you perfectly. An ill-fitted leather jacket can prove to be a total spoiler. So if you want to ace the look every time, you must go for a leather jacket that fits you perfectly. A tight-fitted leather jacket can leave you feeling suffocated, while a loose, bulky when can make you look frail and weird, but the perfect match to go with would be the one that accentuates your silhouette while at the same time does not leave you feeling suffocated or flail them in the piece.

It should moderately fit, creating a balance that would provide comfort and style simultaneously. To ace this step first you must get familiar with your size, fit and figure. Take the measurements. See the size that you normally go for in choosing the jackets and outerwear. After figuring out your fit, you must weigh the different sizing parameters that the different stores you are considering provide.

You can try out the pieces if you are buying from a physical store, but that option is there when it comes to choosing the options from an online one – which is why you must figure out the sizing issue beforehand, as an ill-fitting leather jacket is not yours to take home. Often the phrase that sums up the leather jacket is “it should fit like a second skin” – which means neither baggy nor too tight, but just the right fit that won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable.


  • Hardware and the Formation

Another thing that can either make or break the whole image of a leather jacket is its hardware and the formation of the piece. If you want to determine whether the leather is worth taking home or not or it possesses all the good things that are being claimed, then you must check the hardware of the piece and the way it is made. From checking the zippers, buttons, and belts to seeing the number of panels that are added and whether there are any pads or not, supporting the structure of the piece – all these things must be considered before finalizing your pick because if it is failing to tick these boxes, then it is not the one that you would want to take home.


  • Additives and Embellishment

Do you like simpler stuff with sleeker styles and no extra glitz and blitz going on with the pieces, or adore the ones with the additives and embellishments? If you latter, then here is some good news for you. Leather jackets come with additives, embellishments and patches that render even the most mundane styles of your leather jacket that buzzing touch.


  • Inner Lining

The inner lining of a leather jacket is like a shield that protects the outward materials from getting damaged and even absorbs the moisture and sweat that would otherwise show on the outer surface if not for the lining. Because lining can be made from a myriad range of different materials – such as viscose, cotton, polyester and shearling – each type acts differently and could provide different benefits. For instance, if you are going for a leather jacket with a shearling lining then they would prove to be warmer than the ones with viscose and polyester. On a side note: here is a B3 bomber jacket with a shearling lining that can make a great match for your wardrobe.


  • Stitching

Stitching might seem like an intricate, unimportant aspect of the leather jacket that you might end up overlooking, but in reality, it is again an important aspect that you must pay heed to. Great stitching is also a sign that a great amount of insightfulness has gone into the making of the pieces which makes the piece worth opting for.



Often, buying a leather jacket is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, especially if you are going for an authentic one that would last for years and decades to come if you put in the needful efforts in its maintenance. This is why it is fundamental that you follow these steps, and measure thoroughly before jumping on to something randomly. Life is too short to go for an ordinary leather jacket when you literally opt for a prodigious piece.

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