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How To Choose a Gemstone In a Limited Budget?

Gemstones have become an essential part of our lives. These enchanting crystals provide a stunning look and come with several astrological benefits that make them more simply overwhelming.

Astrologers say that excellent and high-quality gemstone has the power to enhance the lifestyle of the wearer. However, it is necessary to buy a natural crystal to realize the good effects that a gemstone brings itself. People don’t think much before buying qualitative gemstone jewelry if they fall within their affording range, while some think if the jewelry prices are out of their budget.

If you are fond of wearing natural gemstones and wish to buy either precious or semi-precious gemstones, then you can include some following gemstone jewel accessories in your collection on a limited budget.


Larimar is one of the semi-precious gemstones that comes in affordable for every person. As the crystal has limited sources of mining which makes it a precious stone. The Larimar jewelry’s price depends upon three major factors that are mentioned below.

  • Color and texture of the crystal, even dark-colored stones, are higher in the price.

  • Metal in which the crystal is embedded.

  • Form of the crystal, i.e., cut, rough, and finish.

Usually, the cost of the larimar jewelry falls between $10- $20 per gram, excepting the metal price. And the prices are increased or decreased because of the factor mentioned above.


Moonstone jewelry is quite affordable than other gemstone jewelry accessories, and further, it depends upon your choices. For example, blue moonstone and rainbow moonstone are more precious than other common moonstone crystals. However, the crystals work the same as per their astrological nature. Since the Moonstone has been celebrated as the June birthstone since ancient times, and if you are June born, you can consider just wearing a Moonstone ring at affordable prices.


Opal is a gemstone that suits all genders, attires, and styles. Opal jewelry ranges in different prices per gemstone’s colors and finding sources. For example, black opal is the rarest stone and can be found in rare places in South Australia; these attributes make it a valuable crystal. Choosing the opal in other shades will allow you to get the stunning crystal at affordable prices.


Moldavite is a popular gemstone among gem lovers because of its impressive magical powers. However, the gemstone has only the Czech Republic source, making it more precious than other crystals. Therefore, moldavites are prized as raw crystals for jewelry pieces. The price of the Moldavite jewelry depends significantly on the crystal’s size, shape, and color. However, there are a lot of factors that can fluctuate the price of the crystal but the average price of the gemstone is $15 to $25 per gram.


Wearing the gemstone jewelry discussed above can be the reason to enhance your personality on a limited budget. However, you can also choose some other jewelry options other than those above, like Turquoise jewelry, Libyan Desert glass jewelry, and many more, as they have the capabilities to upgrade your look in a few seconds. An eye-catching piece of gemstone jewelry symbolizes status, luxury, and standard for its wearer.

If you are looking for stunning gemstone jewelry pieces on a limited budget, buying from Rananjay Exports is your best option. Being a manufacturer and supplier of gemstone silver jewelry, they provide all the gemstone jewel accessories in an affording range for everyone. In addition, you can find the genuine crystal in 925 sterling silver, rose gold, and yellow gold metals. Buying from a trusted source provides sustainability and purity to your jewelry. So, visit the website now and book your elegant pieces of crystal jewelry.

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