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How to book cheap spirit airlines flights to get saving on tickets

spirit airlines flights

“Spirit airlines” is one of the best airlines flying across the United States of America. It has been serving the nation for the past 20 years. People of the United States also love to travel with spirit airlines because of that dedicated service towards the customer. But sometimes the flight tickets are so high that it becomes difficult to go for them.

Hence, let us look into the procedure in detail and know how someone can book a cheap flight for spirit Airlines Booking. Several websites provide low price tickets but let us discuss the best one.

How to get a cheap flight ticket and have a spirit airlines reservation

There are, of course, many websites present over the internet that claim to deliver cheap airline tickets but fail to meet the customers’ expectations. Don’t worry; VootFly is here for the rescue! Vootfly is a unique online portal in the United States that helps customers get cheap airline tickets. Not only for domestic destinations but for international destinations as well, VootFly provides major deals and offers on flight tickets.

The best part is that the deals and discounts are available throughout the year. Thus, passengers can book their flight tickets anytime and anywhere by accessing the deals.

Now let us look into the process for booking flight tickets from VootFly:

  1. Open your web browser and search for the VootFly official website in the address bar.
  2. Click on the first link you see after searching and enter the official website of Vootfly.
  3. Check the menu bar and tap on the deal section. Select the most appropriate offer available right at the moment and proceed with the booking of a ticket.
  4. A dialogue box will pop up; fill up the dialogue box with all the information such as detail about the passenger, number of passengers, the type of ticket, departure date, and number of adults or children, or infants.
  5. Tap on the search flights option after you have filled up all the required information. On the new web page that has appeared, you can see all the scheduled flights for the selected departure date.
  6. Select the most appropriate Spirit airlines flight and complete the payment procedure.

And here is your ticket! Check your email ID and grab the e-ticket sent by the officials. Remember to have a hard copy of the ticket so that you can enter the airport.

NOTE: Before booking your flight ticket, register yourself first on the Vootfly official website so that you can grab your ticket quickly.

Spirit airlines pet policy 

Let us dive into the rules and restrictions followed by Spirit airlines for the passengers who want to carry their little friend. The first thing to know is that Spirit airlines only allow the following animals:

  1. Domestic dogs
  2. Domestic cats
  3. Small household birds
  4. Small household rabbits

Hence let us look into the guidelines and rules passengers must follow if they are boarding a spirit airlines flight with their pet.

  1. Passengers can bring up to a maximum of two pets per container; more than that is not accepted.
  2. The pet the passenger is carrying must be eight weeks old at least and fully weaned.
  3. The pet carried by the passenger must be physically fit and active.
  4. The passenger can carry a combined weight of 40 pounds, including the pet and their container, more than that will not be allowed.
  5. Animals carried by the passengers must not roam around during the flight.

Thus, these are the rules and regulations followed by Spirit airlines while they have a pet on board. Make sure you carry your little friend carefully and follow all these instructions.

Spirit airlines is one of the most fascinating and significant airlines flying across the United States of America. It’s been serving the nation for the past 20 years and has been loved by every citizen. Sometimes the airline tickets get hiked up, so Vootfly helps the passenger. Deals and offers throughout the year provide passengers with cheap Spirit airlines flight tickets.

The airline also allows pets if you have a Spirit airlines reservation. Follow the instructions mentioned above to carry your pet on your journey easily. So, we hope you book your flight ticket from VootFly, and for more information about pets on board, go through spirit airlines’ official site.


Hello, my name is Jerry Peterson; I work with a Travel Agency, VootFly Travel Agency, in the USA.

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