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How Much Gap Should I Leave for Decking?

When planning to install decking in your garden, it’s important to choose the right gaps between the deck boards so that you can enjoy the best possible results from your new decking surface. The more you know about choosing and installing your decking, the more comfortable you will be in your own home. Continue reading below to learn how much gap should I leave for decking?

The answer depends on the temperature

The amount of space you leave between the boards on your deck can vary depending on the temperature. When it’s hot, wpc decking should be spaced about 3mm apart. If it’s cold out and the wpc terrassendielen günstig are contracting, you’ll need to allow a little more room by allowing 5mm or so between them. This will make sure that there’s enough room to allow for any expansion and contraction that may happen.

You should allow for expansion and contraction

You should allow for expansion and contraction

When installing plastic decking, you should allow a 3-5mm gap on either side of the deck boards. This will make sure that there is enough room between the boards to allow for the small amount of expansion and contraction that can occur on particularly hot or cold days. For wooden decks, allow at least 5mm between deck boards and adjoining structures such as walls, fences, or poles so they don’t get warped by natural moisture changes. It is also recommended to use a spacers–usually made from plastic tubing–to maintain the 5mm gap if the distance cannot be measured accurately or if shrinkage occurs in extreme weather conditions.

You need to leave a gap on either side of the deck boards

Properly installing your deck is the most important part. There are three points of contact between the joist and beam-the joists must sit flat on top of the beams, not just project from the bottom; any gaps should be filled with a sealant or nail gun adhesive to ensure this. Ensuring that your deck does not collect water can lead to unsightly staining, rotten boards, and termite infestations in the future. The easiest way to address this is by laying down a tar paper layer over the top of your subfloor before installing your wpc floor decking.

You also need to leave a gap between the deck boards and any adjoining structures

You also need to leave a gap between the deck boards and any adjoining structures

Each piece of decking will vary in size, so there is no exact distance that is perfect for everyone. You need to keep the following two things in mind when considering this question:
1. Where will you be installing your deck board, and 2. What type of climate does it typically get really hot or really cold in your area? If you are going to install the board in a teak terrassendielen place like Miami or New Orleans, then you should leave a 3-5mm gap on either side of the boards. This may seem excessive and cause some people to wonder if they have enough space on their deck, but it’s because outdoor wpc decking expands and contracts with changing moisture levels over time.

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