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How Much Does React Native App Development Cost in 2023?

How Much Does React Native App Development Cost in 2023?

React Native is a popular mobile app development framework based on JavaScript. The platform was launched by Facebook in 2015.

From startups to established companies, businesses are using React Native to build their applications on an continually growing scale.

You can use an advanced set of tools and trends that empower the overall stability of the product in the market and achieve speculative business goals.

But, one common question that every potential business leader seeking to use the platform is, how much does it cost to build an application using React Native?

This blog post will guide you to a better clarity on React Native app development cost in 2023.

Components of React Native App Development Cost

  • Implementation of Core Features

Every business wants to keep their apps feature-packed and user-friendly. However, it takes time and effort to design and develop a product that meets cross-industry demands.

The complexity of features may affect your React Native app development cost by 35%. You need to take care of how you want to optimize your features.

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  • UI/UX Design

UI and UX of a mobile app plays a crucial role in defining the app development cost.

The design of your app based on React Native may be affected 30-50%.

  • Third-Party Functionalities

The inclusion of third-party functionalities will drive your app development costs by significant escort şişli margins.

Using APIs is the most common technique to avoid conventional and complex development processes for incorporating functionalities to your apps.

API integration can decrease your app development costs by 20-40%.

  • Testing and Deployment

Testing is one of the most overlooked parts of the app development and delivery process.

With a well-prepared, strategic, and sophisticated plan of testing, you may achieve significant outcomes for your project. It will help you lead a smooth post-delivery establishment and functioning of the product.

App developers are using new tools and technologies to test applications built using React Native. It is more dynamic and sophisticated.

Testing may estimate about 15% of the total cost of development.

  • Support and Maintenance

If you seek to receive post delivery support and maintenance for your mobile app, you may need to bear additional amounts.

You may keep 10-20% of your budget to avail post-delivery app maintenance services.

It will increase your app’s sustainability and overall performance to the users and business as a whole.

You can work with professionals who will help you carve a deployable and fruitful app development strategy for your product.


React Native is a resourceful and affordable choice for mobile app development. By choosing React Native, you can avoid unnecessary additions to the cost. 

By providing simpler and faster development, React Native has become a business-first app development framework. If you are willing to hire a credible React Native app development company, you can utilize extensive research to prepare a list of most considerable service providers.

All of the above-discussed factors will play a crucial role in estimating the costs for React Native app development.

The overall cost of developing an app based on React Native may fall between $25,000 and $250,000.

You can read more about app development costs in this blog post.

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