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How many days of bleeding after the c section?

Bleeding after a Cesarean section (C-section) is normal. Even some doctors may call it a normal part of recovery from -section or childbirth. After pregnancy, your body sheds leftover blood, mucus, and tissues through the vagina. This blood or tissue is known as Lochia in medical science. It is normal to experience Lochia for at least 6 weeks and the amount of the color of the substance may vary with the number of days. The color may become dull and light after a few days. There can also be chances that you may suffer because of the pink and watery discharge after your childbirth especially following a C-section. Even though there could be on and off bleeding after a c-section and the symptoms may vary. If you or anyone you know is going through issues with delivery, you can connect with the experts of Amri Hospital Dhakuria.

Is this heavy bleeding or just spots are produced?

After your C-section delivery, you may face heavy, and dark-red discharge from your vagina. It may diminish after a few days and you may notice some clotting in the form of blood or mucus just like in the postpartum period. The clots may change in size and may become as large as plums.

  • Following your c-section delivery, you may experience bleeding within 24 hours in comparison to someone who has given birth to a child through the vagina.
  • Within a few days, your bleeding may get lighter and the color may change, turning light red, light brown, light pink, and finally white discharge after a few weeks.
  • It is completely normal to produce a clotty discharge that may become small in size or lighter in color compared to the early postpartum days.

The discharge may take around 6 weeks to recover and if the bleeding resumes after 6 weeks, you should get it checked by your doctor. There can be chances that if you are breastfeeding your baby, your normal period bleeding may take time to return. In that case, you should consult a doctor or gynecologist as soon as possible.

What can you do to manage bleeding after a c-section?

After your c-section delivery, you may likely manage the bleeding in both vaginal sites as well as your incision site.

  • Vaginal bleeding

You can use sanitary pads to absorb the bleeding just like your menstrual flow. There can be chances that you may require thick absorbents that the regular pad after the delivery. As soon as the bleeding gets normal, you may become quite able to manage your bleeding through sanitary pads. You can try using pantry lines after a few weeks of your c-section delivery.

If you are going through on and off bleeding after a c-section, try to avoid the use of tampons. You can also try discussing the things with your doctor who may advise you to manage bleeding for up to 6 weeks. It is completely fine to bleed after delivery and get checked by the doctor.

  • If you are breastfeeding your small newborn, the bleeding may get light day by day but it can produce some pain also. This is because the uterine muscles and the vessels surrounding your uterine contact while you breastfeed or perform your activities. This may produce both pains and may lighten the effect of bleeding.
  • There can be chances that you may notice bleeding as you increase the level of activity after a c-section. It is you who will notice the change in the body. So it is best to be mindful of your body changes and not produce any stress by just bleeding after a c-section.

You can try limiting your activities after a c-section for complete recovery. Your doctor may advise you to suspend the activities for a period like lifting heavy objects and doing work in a rush.

  • Incision site

There can also be chances that your incision site may drain after the c-section but may not probably feel bleeding. Try to maintain the hygiene of your body and properly clean the area. You can try washing your area and may clean it with soap, or water or let it air dry. If you are afraid, you can ask your doctor for the first wash of your incision site. It may take around 3-4 days to let the incision dry and style with the skin. You can try following your doctor’s tips and suggestions till you recover from your body issues.

When is the right time to seek a doctor’s help?

You may have on and off bleeding after a c-section and the bleeding may get lighter with the passing days. If bleeding is your cause of concern, you can manage the symptoms after talking to your doctor. You can connect with your doctor, if

  • The bleeding is causing you to change your sanitary pad after every hour
  • You are going through heavy bleeding and it is unmanageable

There can also be chances that you may produce mucus and blood clots which may be as big as the size of a plum. If your discharge has an unusual size of mucus and an unusual smell, you can try connecting with your doctor.

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