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How Forklift Can Automate the Warehouse Task?

Warehouse Automation

In these warehouses, reach trucks are typically used because they can work in a smaller aisle.  They counterbalanced trucks   between 2700mm and 2900mm. Lift loads up to 10.5 meters height. In even narrower aisles, these machines can be replaced by bidirectional or tri directional forklifts.  It can operate in aisles with a width of 1,500 mm to 1,900 mm.

Side-loading forklifts for long loads:

When the goods are long (tubes, profiles, etc.) or large, side-loading forklifts are used.  Since their lifting system ensures stability and they can move frontally or laterally without the need for wide aisles. These forklifts are combined with cantilever racks. These are  designed for the storage of this type of load, as they have cantilever arms.

AGVs in warehouses with a predefined flow of goods:

Warehouses with highly repetitive flows of goods, such as warehouses connected to the production center. It can opt for automated guided, wire-guided or laser-guided vehicles. This is the case, for example, of the warehouse of the multinational pharmaceutical company.  Uses these self-guided handling machines to transport goods between the warehouse and the production center. For more blogs read here

Automated guided vehicles (AGV) are transport vehicles, for warehouses and production plants.  It moves automatically along a predefined route.

Order pickers in picking and consolidation warehouses:

In picking warehouses, pallet trucks and stackers are often used.  They are not considered forklifts as such. However, order pickers, which are also common in these environments. There are models of order pickers on the market that facilitate picking on the first two or three levels of the rack.

Automation: warehouses without forklifts?

The progressive replacement of forklifts by automatic solutions has led more and more companies.  To consider automating their processes to speed up the movement of goods, and in particular for repetitive tasks. This is shown by the latest study by British consultancy Market Research.  It points out that warehouse automation will experience annual growth of almost 15% until 2027, exceeding 38 billion USD.

There are many solutions on the market to automate the tasks of forklifts.  Thus multiply the performance of logistics operations. For example, it is possible to automate the extraction and storage of goods from the shelves by replacing three-way forklifts with automatic three-way stacker cranes. This solution accelerates the flow of goods without making structural changes to the warehouse. This is the case of the automated logistics center of the pharmaceutical multinational.  It replaced its three-way forklifts with three-way stacker cranes. Thanks to this change, the company benefits from continuous work cycles and has optimized its storage area.

Warehouse Efficiency :

Warehouses aiming for maximum efficiency and productivity can automate the flow of goods through part or all of the warehouse. Everything  depends upon product type, facility layout or logistics planning. Thus, forklifts and manual storage systems can be replaced by stacker cranes for single-column or double-column pallets.  It can operate in one or more aisles, depending on the requirements of each warehouse. Likewise, in automated installations, conveyors for pallets. These are also installed between the different areas, speeding up the transfer of goods.

For example, in the automatic clad-rack warehouse of energy company.  Seven double-column, double-deep pallet stacker cranes speed up the location and removal of goods from the racks. He has also equipped the warehouse with a circuit of conveyor belts.  Pallets on the outskirts of the shipping area which automatically transport the goods to the loading docks. How often inspect the forklift

A type of forklift for every warehouse:

Forklifts are essential for moving pallets from transport trucks to different areas of the warehouse. Choosing the most suitable machinery for your warehouse will depend on different variables such as the type of goods to be handled or the storage systems installed.

If you want to improve your logistics performance and reduce errors in warehouse operations, contact us. An expert will answer your questions and advise you on the best logistical solution for your business.

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