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How does Twilio Pricing work? What are its plans to invest?

Have you decided how you are going to level up your business communication with clients? Communication these days is of utmost importance for handling and evolving your business. The point is we want companies to adopt effective tools like Twilio which is a modern level platform to smoothen your communication. The article is all about the significance of this platform and updated Twilio Pricing plans. So, let’s start with the definition-

What is Twilio?

This purely API driven is the best communication platform for clients that helps your business to improve customer engagement. It is one of the versatile cloud platforms for global reach and is also ready to present accurate tools to solve complex problems. Choose this software and adapt the functionality like:

  • Make/receive a call
  • Send/receive messages
  • Fire off your email campaign
  • Connect with your customers

Also, if it is about the automation feature then it is super awesome for user verification automation and marketing campaign monitoring.  How about making a chatbot for your business website? Are you interested in doing this too? Leverage Twilio for this which will definitely help your company to talk to the visitors using chatbots. 

How many SMS are free in this software?

SMS these days is an ultimate communication preference for companies. Maybe you want to communicate through this channel via Twilio. A user can send 35 SMS per day to the customer. It will not charge any amount. You can send via Authy or you can choose Verify API endpoints.

List of messaging apps that are using this cloud communication tool

These days so many rich messaging apps are using this next-level communication platform for handling the conversation task. Are you curious to know the names of those? 

  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat

How does Twilio Pricing work in this software?

First off, you need to understand that the pricing is divided into 2 categories and the names are: Monthly Recurring charges and Pay-as-you-go usage charges.

  • Monthly Recurring charges: This plan builds to your account at regular monthly intervals. It is based on the following products:

Twilio Phone numbers

Short codes

Support plans

Calls per Second and Short code throughput increases

Twilio interconnect

Studio enterprise

Enterprise plans

  • Pay-as-you-go usage charges: Plenty of products and services of Twilio are billed on a per-user basis. It is based on the following:


Volume pricing

View account charges

Twilio account billing

Note: When you go for Twilio account billing and upgrade with the paid plan, the cost will be deducted for your MRCs and pay-as-you-go usage. 

Easiest steps to release a number via Twilio console

  • Your first step is to go to the Active numbers page in the Console
  • Next is to tap on any number you want to release
  • Select the option “Release this number” now
  • Tap on “YES” for the confirmation of releasing the number

Now we are going to share the current Twilio Pricing plans

  • Programmable Voice: $0.013//per min to make a call and $0.0085//per min to receive a call.
  • Programmable Messaging: $0.0075 to send and receive a message.
  • WhatsApp Business API: $0.0042 to send a Whatsapp template and $0.005 for WhatsApp session messages. 
  • Programmable Video: $0.0015/min per participant
  • Elastic SIP Trunking: $0.0045 for organization and $0.007 for termination
  • Twilio conversation: $0.05/ per active user per month
  • Twilio autopilot: the amount is $0.001/per message and $0.001 per utterance on Alexa
  • Authy: plan starts from $0.09/ authentication 
  • Twilio Flex: Free for 5000 hours. $1 for active users and $150 for names user

How is it a remarkable choice for IVR purposes?

The term IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. One of the greatest phone system features that eliminates the need for human agents to talk to customers for any purpose. 

So, with the help of Twilio, the IVR functionality will help the dialer to navigate a phone menu so that it can pull down the exact information. With the help of this cloud-communication platform, it can perform automatic transactions and can even help to find the right person. 

What’s the process to buy a Twilio number?

  • First is to log in to your account 
  • Click on sub-accounts and view sub-accounts from the Home menu
  • Tap on the Phone number menu
  • Select Buy a Number now
  • Your last step is to select the country

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