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How Do You Remove Duplicate Emails From Thunderbird?

In Overview: Today, there are many users who ask the same question daily on Google, how do you remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird? Search for the answer. But among so many solutions, they do not know which solution is best for their problem. So today we have brought the solution to the problem of those users. Through this blog, we will tell you how you can delete duplicate emails from Mozilla Thunderbird, that too in a few minutes. So let’s move on to the blog and choose the solution as per your requirement.

As we all know very well, Mozilla created the free email program Thunderbird. It serves as the default email client for many small enterprises and individual users to send and receive emails. However, it sometimes duplicates emails, which increases the size of the mailbox. Thunderbird is slow as a result of the high mailbox size, which causes a lot of problems for the user.

Reasons For Remove Duplicate Emails From Thunderbird

Duplicate emails can be received for many reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • Accidental User Actions: If you use Thunderbird and you have many subfolders, copying a message to another subfolder may duplicate it.
  • Sender-Side Problems: Thunderbird saves all emails if the sender is sending the same message over and over again or if its Internet connection is unstable. You may see duplicate emails as a result.
  • Server Problem: Any email client depends on the server. But sometimes there is a problem with the server. Therefore, the actions of the server are no longer important. As a result, it sends the same email over and over again to the email client.

Now we have covered the most important points of the section. Additionally, we now fully understand the user’s motivation for considering this process. Let us know how you will succeed in this process by providing us with all the resources you need.

Technical Tricks to Delete Emails from Thunderbird

Technical Tricks to Delete Emails from Thunderbird

There have always been two different types of solutions available to assist, one is automated and the other is manual. Then, we can decide whether we want to delete, convert, move, back up, recover or restore the data. So let’s use the first method to deal with this problem.

Delete Emails From Thunderbird By Using Automated Method

This issue contains a wide range of internet marketer measures. However, you are unable to choose which function is ideal for you. Therefore, to remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird, we recommend using EML Duplicate Remover offered by BitRecover. This software is incredibly trusted and successful and is used all over the world. It’s toasted by brilliant IT professionals. All users, whether they have the technical knowledge or not, use this tool.

Delete Emails From Thunderbird By Using Manual Method

If you still seeking a free solution to remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird. So, you can explore this part. In this section, we discussed step-by-step methods to do this task. Let us begin.

  1. Start Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. Select Add-ons under Tools in the tabbed menu.
  3. After selecting Remove duplicate messages from search results, click Add to Thunderbird.
  4. Thunderbird displays the message Delete duplicate messages when you click the Add button.
  5. It’s a good idea to restart Thunderbird after the installation is complete.
  6. Go to the Tools menu and select Add-ons Options to verify add-on activation.
  7. After returning to the main account, select the Mail folder.
  8. Remove duplicates by selecting Remove from the context menu of the right-clicked folder.
  9. The absence of a duplicate will be indicated through a popup notification. If you have duplicate communication information will be displayed on the screen.
  10. Select the duplicate messages you want to delete. Select Delete by clicking on the button.

Last Word

Now, throughout this technical blog, we have covered all the important points and reasons to remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird. Furthermore, we have highlighted top and reliable third-party solutions and free methods to get this job done. If you choose the free solution. In such a situation, you may have to face many problems. Now to avoid all the hassles of manual methods, you can go with a smart solution

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