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How do I renovate my office?

Office interior design solution should bring profit to the business by increasing the efficiency, motivation and loyalty of employees, as well as convenience, safety and high efficiency.

The interior of the office for work should:

  •  motivate to work
  •  keep employees productive throughout the day,
  •  increase the attractiveness of work in the company and the loyalty of employees.

The interior of the sales office, as well as meeting rooms, should:

  •  show the advantages of the company,
  •  emphasize, enhance the positive qualities of the product or service being sold,
  •  show how to use the product or service,
  •  interior design should separate your business from competitors,
  •  be tailored to your target customer.

When a business is young or still small and finds its market niche and buyers, it is important to use the budget sparingly for office decoration.

A commercial interior design company in Dubai will help you with office interior design and not only.

Tried and tested finishing techniques.

Architectural, decorative, building interior solutions that are standard, well-known and well-established provide a quick start-up and optimal costs for opening an office.


Color is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to decorate an interior.

Carefully select harmonious interior color combinations that best suit your business and brand book, this may be enough to bring good interior design to life.

If the area is large, the ceilings are high, use bright, contrasting colors – they harmonize and organize the space for a person.

Inexpensive, natural, raw finishing materials.

For example, plywood, OSB, natural pine, inexpensive fabric, metal, and ceramic tiles look very impressive and are environmentally friendly against the background of modern furniture.

It is important that the materials are logical to your direction and business philosophy. This office decorating technique is suitable for a business that is important to show the environmental friendliness of a product, as well as creative, creative and fashion companies.

Save and display the beautiful materials you already have in your interior.

Leave exposed concrete monolithic ceiling, beams, brick walls, and rusty metal structures. Cover them with a protective layer of varnish – so that concrete dust does not fall on you. Next to these materials, select other colors, materials and furniture.

Make sure that they contrast as much as possible and “soften” the brutality of your wall, floor, and ceiling materials. The contrast well refreshes the interior of the office, which gives motivation and the right working attitude.

Color accents.

Radically enliven the interior of the office, making it fresh, cheerful, juicy and invigorating.

This technique increases efficiency and the general mood of the office atmosphere. Suitable for IT companies, medical centers, and logistics companies.

Keep all communications open.

Today it is a pronounced trend. Moreover, ventilation communications on the ceiling can be painted in a beautiful contrasting color.

Electrical wiring can be carried out in an open way or in corrugated hoses, painted in a deliberately contrasting and bright way. Make a beautiful layout, and create a pattern and rhythm on the ceiling.

Focus on some walls – organize the space if your office is large.

For example, highlight the wall near the reception area. You can create a structure that is interesting in terms of plastic or rich in color.

Monochrome colors (black white, gray) are combined with most natural materials.

Take monochrome colors, for example, black, white, and gray, and make furniture and other structures from wood or other natural materials.

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