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How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With?

How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With?

If you look at your pet now, he will most likely be sleeping. We even envy cats – it’s so sweet to take a nap in a tiny sock box or a huge one from under the refrigerator. And even if we make the tail a perfect royal place, velvety and luxurious – we do not always know how to teach a cat to sleep next to him, because he can sleep under the sofa, at the toilet door or on your favorite T-shirt.

Fluffies often come to their owners in bed at night or in the morning. Why does the cat sleep at the feet? Thus, they recognize the owner as the leader of their pack and leader. And it’s also convenient there – no one will press sideways if they spin in a dream, you can always jump off if you get bored. If a cat crawls out on his head at night, he really likes your hair or the smell of your skin, which is why cats often like to sleep on their owners’ pillows. If you are looking for best blog go here to check best at

What types of sleep do cats have?

Our pets have two types of sleep: shallow and deep. The first is close to a light nap. This is a slow sleep, when the cat still hears your steps or the rustle of a pack of food and is ready to wake up immediately. It is interesting that in this state, although the cat is ready to jump (the muscles are tense); however, her breathing and pulse are uniform and slow. Temperature, metabolic activity and blood pressure also decrease.

Deep sleep can be recognized by rapid eye movements under the eyelids. In this way, cats are very similar to humans and thus, it seems that they also have dreams, like us. How long does a cat sleep in this stage? To plunge into such a dream, you need from ten minutes to half an hour of shallow. Muscles relax, and if your cat once fell off the couch or from the table during a nap, it was definitely a deep sleep. However, the brain actively continues its activity, as a cat is now running after a plush mouse on a thread. Pressure, respiration and pulse are also uneven. And from deep sleep, cats wake up much more slowly – 300 times!

How cats choose with whom to sleep and what they are guided by:

  • Warm (if it is warmer in your bed than on the couch, they will come to you)
  • Soft and comfortable (the answer to the question: why do cats sleep on things)
  • Safety (cats come to their owners to feel confident and comfortable)
  • Control (with the owner it is easier to assess the situation and react to it – that’s why cats like to sleep at their feet)
  • Pain (some owners believe that cats have healing energy and heal).

House and street – how do cats sleep without owners and tamed?

This is not to say that street cats sleep a lot. They are constantly on their feet, because they themselves must look for their own food, as well as compete with other cats for territory and take care of future offspring. Pets have less trouble and more time to sleep, because they have you – a loving owner and friend who love his little fluffy creature and do everything to make his life as comfortable and happy as possible. Their main theme is tasty food or its digestion in a full tummy.

Where should a kitten sleep? Babies who have just been born sleep quite a lot – most of the day, so they should have their own cozy and warm place where no one will disturb them. You can learn more about how to care for your small animal in the article “How to care for a kitten”. When babies turn a month old, they also have a deep sleep. With age, the sleep of cats becomes shorter, they, like the elderly, also sleep little and wake up early.

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