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How Can California Worker’s Compensation Lawyers Help You?

California Worker’s Compensation Lawyers

If you are a worker in a company, it is important to know the financial benefits you are entitled to. Before undertaking the job, you must have knowledge about the company’s laws and compensation system. You can consider talking to a California workers comp attorney to know about the system in detail.

What Is Worker’s Compensation? 

A worker’s compensation system is about providing certain benefits to disabled workers or professionals who injured themselves in their workplace. Generally, the injured person gets monetary reparation as a benefit. The comp usually includes medical expenses.

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The amount you can claim is often predefined in the company law. However, if the worker dies due to an accident the company pays a sum of the amount to their family. In that case, the worker’s family needs to file a claim.

Most of the time in the US, the state government runs such kinds of programs for the social welfare of the workers. Injured laborers or professionals lose their jobs. The state government has introduced laws to protect them in such unfortunate situations. Sometimes, people need to file a lawsuit and for that, you must hire California worker’s compensation lawyers.

Types Of Comp Claims:  

Three types of comp claims are applicable in the US.

1. Comp Claim For Only Medical Care:

The worker can claim for this if they have injured themselves during their work hours, in the workplace. The injury must be a direct result of their job duties. If the worker gets sick or hurts somewhere outside their workspace they will not be eligible to file a suit. They can get their medical bills and lost wages as compensation.

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2. Claim For Temporary Total Disability:

It is only applicable when the worker has a serious illness or injury. They can get TTD payments as compensatory benefits. The employee must show that their job caused their illness or disability. This is a temporary settlement, the employee will stop getting TTD payments as they join work again.

3. Claim For Permanent Total Disability:

Permanent Total Disability or PTD is applicable where the working person has permanently lost their ability to work again. Once a person gets PTD, can never work again anywhere. Many times the person also gets Social Security Disability Insurance along with PTD.

How To Claim A Compensation? 

To file a compensation claim you will need to take help from California worker’s compensation lawyers. Whenever you face any injury in the workplace you must follow the below-mentioned steps-

1. Inform your employer/ boss as soon as you get an injury. Your boss must know when and how you got the injury.
2. Get the necessary treatment for your injury and keep a record of that.
3. Write an accident report if you can. In the report, you have to give details about the accident’s time, place, nature, etc.
4. Now you can officially file a claim from the worker’s insurance company.
5. Cooperate with the insurance company.

How Does A Compensation Attorney Help You? 

1. An attorney can help you get your claims in case of any difficulty you face from the insurance company. There are many legal steps where only a capable and certified lawyer can assist you. The insurance companies many times try to deny your compensation using tricks. A seasoned lawyer can protect your rights and interests against them.
2. They can guide you in filing claims to get benefits and monetary assistance. You deserve compensation after facing an accident while at work. Physical pain and trauma can have an everlasting impact on your well-being. In such a situation, monetary help can bring your life back on track.
3. Only a professional attorney can represent your case in an effective way so that getting the claim becomes easy. If necessary they can take your case to trial in the courts and fight at every stage for your rights.


In California, the process of claiming compensation is usually the same. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to get the benefits from the compensation. A California workers comp attorney will assist you in this difficulty. They can help you get the claims that you deserve righteously.

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