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Home burglary: what to do and how to intervene

Being stolen from your home is a bad experience. Let’s see how to overcome what happened and take new precautions so that it does not happen again.

Unfortunately, thefts from homes are on the agenda, often traumatic events that involve economic and psychological damage. To protect the property, it is important to have a good anti-intrusion system and insurance coverage to receive reimbursement of the damage suffered.

However, it is essential to know what to do after such an episode, avoiding behaving incorrectly and always putting personal safety and loved ones first. Here are some helpful tips for understanding what to do after a home burglary.


The first thing to do when you realize you have suffered a burglary at home, for example, by noticing the entrance door has been broken into, is to call the police. In these cases, it is advisable not to enter the house but to wait for the agents to arrive by waiting in a safe place. The thieves could still be in residence, so it is better not to risk coming face to face with thieves.

After the police inspection and the completion of the bureaucratic procedures, such as the presentation of the complaint and the recording of one’s testimony, it is necessary to secure the home. For example, it is vital to check the house door and windows by calling a locksmith in Tampa to repair the damage.

Furthermore, it is essential to verify the stolen assets, block credit cards, and change passwords to access banking services and other sensitive applications.


The next phase after a home theft is undoubtedly the most complex one to manage, as it is necessary to intervene to avoid the repetition of this episode. To begin with, it is essential to understand where the thieves entered from to strengthen the burglary point or install more efficient solutions for home security.

In the presence of home insurance, it is necessary to notify the company immediately, following the procedures provided for reporting the damage and requesting reimbursement. It will also be essential to think about whether or not it is appropriate to increase the protection systems, for example, by installing a video surveillance system or contact alarms on the windows.

To restore the habitability after a theft, it is always advisable to call a specialized Locksmith Tampa, a professional who can carry out an accurate check and indicate how to proceed. It is essential to feel safe inside your home, so you have to make sure that it is possible to restore serenity in the home environment by adopting the necessary countermeasures.


A break-in is always a  traumatic event, a situation that can cause heavy consequences on an emotional level.

It is entirely normal to start feeling negative emotions following the theft. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to return to feeling safe in your violated home. It is not uncommon to feel feelings such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, insecurity, and paranoia immediately or a few weeks after the traumatic episode.

To overcome this difficult moment, it is advisable to always ask for the support of a psychologist, an effective way to manage emotions adequately. In addition, you must try to react with the assistance of friends and relatives, improving the safety of your home and staying active by following your routine.


Obviously, the best solution is to prevent home theft by optimizing home security. In any case, if the damage has already been done, it is still necessary to intervene. And try to understand how to avoid the repetition of this event.

First of all, it is necessary to check the effectiveness of doors, windows, and other possible openings to identify all weak points in the home. For example, you can replace the entrance door with an armored model, change the lock with a safer version, and have railings mounted on the windows.


The insurance protection of the property and the installation of a sound alarm system are essential aspects of home protection. However, it is necessary always to be cautious and avoid becoming easy prey for thieves. Indeed, in some cases, the break-in is inevitable, while in others, it is possible to be less exposed to the risk of theft in the home.

In the same way, it is helpful to have a  good relationship with neighbors, to help each other in case of abnormal situations, suspicious noises, or unknown people wandering around the house.

Furthermore, it is essential to maintain prudent behavior without exceeding paranoia. For example, always closing the entrance door with all throws, changing the lock if the keys were lost, and not opening the door to people who cannot adequately identify themselves.

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