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Here’s what you need to know about power blogs in 2022

What is a power blog?

A power blog post might be an unfamiliar term for most people. There is a very thin line between a blog and a power blog. Let’s first understand what a blog is. A blog is a website that uploads content daily. Some blogs are niche-specific, while others publish content covering various subjects. If you don’t upload daily or don’t have a weekly or monthly schedule for posting an article, you won’t be called a blogger. Power blogs can contain any topic, but we have separated the term power blog from those websites where a user writes with full passion.

It is a must that the person writing a power blog post is genuinely interested in it. If you want assistance in writing such blog posts, you can take the help of Power Blog Post Writing services.

Difference between a regular blog post vs a power blog post

Before we talk about their differences, let’s put some torch on the similarities. A power blog post needs to be lengthy. It should at least have 700 words. Now that’s a very critical matter. We said in the start that power blogs need passion in them. And you cannot fake passion. What if you don’t have over 500 words for your power blog post? The thing is, when we write to sell, the rules become different. We have no control over it. As you know, search engines prefer long-form content. They made the algorithms in a way that they find long-form content easy to crawl, and thus they easily index them.

Therefore, it becomes essential to us we increase the word count. Otherwise, your content would not appear high in search engines as very short web articles don’t rank high. We will later tell you how to write powerful blog posts of long length. Now let’s discuss the difference between regular blog posts and power blog posts. There is very little difference between both. And very few times, that difference even vanishes. Confused? Let’s clear the confusion.

Power blogs depend more on how a person writes. Some people write passionately, and it’s their style. They are straightforward in their delivery with no sugar coatings at all. You might think, isn’t it how everyone is supposed to write? Isn’t everybody writing honestly? They do, but power bloggers do it on the absolute level. Everybody should do this, but they don’t. That makes power blogging currently appear as something different. And when we say everybody should do it, it doesn’t mean to do it even when you don’t want to. It’s a subjective thing. Every person writes differently, just like they talk differently.

How to Write a Power Blog Post?

Choose something you are passionate about. Passion is the critical element of a power blog. When you write on topics, you find fascinating. It will help you write more interesting content as well as lengthy content. However, since we are writing it for an online market, we also need to consider SEO aspects. We need to know who is our target audience, what’s in demand in the market, and other things like that. We need to use headlines that are good for SEO. Moreover, keyword implementation is important as well.

What to do when you are not passionate about any topic?

However, it is not a big problem when you don’t find something passionate about writing. You can choose the topics that the public needs and write on them. But how do they become power blog posts? Keep the principle rules in mind we discussed above. Write whatever you feel and talk openly. However, when you write power blogs, don’t forget to make the content engaging. Since you are writing long-form blog posts, people will only read them if they are interesting enough. Use the same rules you use in writing your other blog posts. Use headings and subheadings. Ensure you use images in your blog posts where they are necessary.

Get a Nice Looking Website

Moreover, your website should have an attractive design that is easy to navigate. It makes your readers engaged with the content, helps with good search engine optimization, and decreases your bounce rate. Users mostly visit a website, and seeing long, straightaway articles with no images and headings make them leave the website. It increases your website’s bounce rate. We recommend hiring a UI/UX designer for the beautiful website design to help you.

Most Important Thing About Power Blogs

According to an expert blogger, power blogging never means that a person has to write many blogs. If someone has published thousands of blog posts and is quite famous, none of the factors make him a powerful blogger. Power blogger is another type with only a slight difference compared to other bloggers.

Do not fake passion

Being passionate doesn’t mean you have to be unnecessarily aggressive, even when you don’t feel like it. The intensity should get reflected in your words and writing style. You don’t have to be loud. Below we’ll give you a tip that can help you increase your word count, make your blog post interesting, and make it perform well for search engines.

Write openly!

Now, what does it mean to write openly? We said it earlier in this post as well. Since you have to write long-form content on your power blog website, you need to make it clear in your content that you are writing long-form content. Now, this might not sound very clear. Why would you do that? That’s what power blog posts are. You can’t write them shortly. So, to suffice it, you can use this method. You can’t write them short if you want to get high search results ranking.

Therefore, you need to tell your readers that you extend your content’s length. Tell it in a funny way or whatever way that doesn’t seem boring. You may ask, Won’t they leave or don’t trust your content if you do that? Well, the answer is no. It’s because we asked you to extend the content’s length. We didn’t tell you to add filler content. This way, you will serve many purposes: 1) Write SEO-friendly content 2) Write User Friendly and high-quality content.

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