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Here’s How You Could Be Risking Your Car By Having Low Refrigerant Levels

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An air conditioner is a magical machine. Isn’t? You get a fresh cooled air even there is extreme hot. However, water is usually a preferred substance to cool down the temperature. But, it is subjected to storage as well as humidity. You cannot expect water to do cooling work while there is humidity around already.

Here comes air conditioner into action and the refrigerant is a main agent behind the cooling of air. So what is a refrigerant that creates all the magic?

Refrigerant is a chemical substance that can change state, especially liquid to gas and vice versa. However, it is capable of absorbing heat during the transition on expense of a very little energy.

This great asset can absorb heat from a cabin and release it to the outdoor.

Refrigerant needs to be at certain level to get best of performance. It should not be depleted state because there are a number of reasons that can reduce the refrigerant level. A broken joint, worn hose might allow some sort of leakage of refrigerant out of system.

If you want to cherish your ride even in scorching heat, never let your car’s refrigerant level down. Besides, a low level of refrigerant is not only creating the cooling issue, but it has some severe consequences to a number of parts of air conditioning system.

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Can we expect the proper cooling from a low level of refrigerant?

Car By Having Low Refrigerant Levels

You can drive your vehicle with low fuel level and even push your car’s engine to maximum speed. However, this is not true at all with low level of refrigerant; a low level of refrigerant can provide the maximum cooling.

In modern sophisticated vehicle, a compressor can detect a low refrigerant level and does not engage with the engine for additional processing. However, if the compressor won’t turn on and the air conditioner isn’t able to keep the interior cool, you should look into getting it checked out or perhaps hiring a car AC repair service at Service My Car.

On the other hand, if compressor allows the processing, some parts of the air conditioning system may be in danger due to the low refrigerant level. Low refrigerant levels can seriously harm your air conditioner. Let’s discuss the potential harm of using the low level of refrigerant for cooling.

Threat to the compressor

Threat to the compressor

As the temperature is always high under the hood, there is always residual heat and naturally the compressor uses the refrigerant to manage heat while keeping the motor intact.

A low level of refrigerant would not be able to provide enough cooling. The motor does not instantly burn out when the refrigerant begins to run low. Although compressor damage occurs gradually, it eventually becomes expensive to compensate the damage.

Therefore, if you want to prevent the situation, you must have the low refrigerant problem fixed by a professional at Service My Car.

Engine overload

Engine overload

Low refrigerant levels and engine performance are related; even it appears a bit awkward. Due to low level of refrigerant the cooling takes longer to complete while using more engine power and drains it for a longer time.

In the end, this requires more effort and strains the engine. And, it is quite visible in form of poor fuel efficiency and premature wear and tear of parts.

Do not procrastinate to a cooling issue as it might end up in car engine repair while costing too much as compare to the nominal refrigerant top-up. Service My Car helps you in keeping your car air conditioner intact.

Evaporator coil icing

coil air condition automobile car damage fix

Evaporator coils reserve the cold refrigerant when air from the blower passes through before getting cold and entering into the cabin. So these coils do the work of absorbing the heat.

This seems contradictory, but there might be some signs of icing at evaporator coils if there is a low level of refrigerant.

At the lower refrigerant levels, it is difficult for the coil to absorb enough heat to warm the cold refrigerant. This results in refrigerant being wasted and being too cold when the system is expecting it to be warm.

If your refrigerant is too cold, it will cause moisture to freeze on the surface of the coils, which will reduce the performance of your unit and eventually ends up in damaging the core.

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Heated interior

Car air vents. Modern car air conditioner and ventilation system.

Refrigerant has the sole responsibility of heat exchange. But, it can do its work properly when the quantity is enough. However, AC seems to have lost its capacity of cooling the interior while producing warm air. But, it is entirely lack of refrigerant causing issue with cooling.

A low level of refrigerant is not only culprit behind lack of cooling. Sometimes, it results in destructive outcomes and pushes you to look out for an ac compressor repair.

When you next have your car maintenance according to schedule, you should also request a regular inspection at Service My Car. Additionally, you can order a car repair quote or book a car service on our website or app anytime.

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