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FortiSiem: Your Trusted Security Information’s Partner

9 out of 10 healthcare organisations, according to a recent Ponemon poll, experienced a breach in the previous two years. The research suggests that these breaches may have cost the industry upwards of $6 billion. Hence, demand for fortinet Siem Malaysia have an increasing trends because businesses began to focus on the importance of network security. 

It should come as no surprise that criminal attacks account for more than half of the sources of these breaches, given that healthcare records include a plethora of valuable data. The remaining violations are often the result of internal issues, such as employee mistakes, problems with third parties, and stolen connected devices.

Real-Time Analytics

Protecting today’s healthcare networks requires data gathered in real time from numerous sources. Businesses can move data from their typical home in a silo and put it in a single, central location where all threat information from throughout the network can be seen using SIEM solutions. SIEM systems combine all pieces of information into a single event, which is then sending into an automated analytics engine to enable real-time action.

Database for Self-Learning Configuration Management (CMDB) 

To successfully thwart assaults in real time, data must contain information about the infrastructure. Healthcare IT teams frequently require manual loading and correlation of context information, which raises the possibility of human mistakes and takes time away from crucial personnel resources. Most SIEM systems may automatically find your actual or virtual infrastructure even if IT isn’t aware of it. Monitoring and assessing every device is crucial for network security and ensuring that compliance requirements are met. A CMDB will also keep your business updated as the environment evolves.

Management of scalable logs 

Healthcare organisations must now maintain log files from all networked computers, which can be time-consuming. Managing these logs is difficult due to their size, variety, and production pace.

SIEM solutions are designed to interpret, process, and store logs quickly to stay up with the times. By supporting multiple security systems concurrently, SIEM solutions can collect all the events for many devices (and their users) everywhere within the network.

A Single Platform for Multi-Tenant Architecture Management 

The entire network cannot be protect from all threats by a single security product currently on the market. Not on their own. For this reason, management systems must be able to link to standalone security technologies. Users of SIEM solutions have access to a single administrative interface from which they can manage all of their domains and security systems. It is make feasible to cross-analyse data from several sources. From here, unique reports, dashboards, and rules can be created and applied tailored to the organisation.

Conformity Reports 

One of the most common reasons companies convert to SIEM systems is to ensure that all compliance standards, which are numerous in the healthcare industry, are meet. Pre-defined reports for compliance standards like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and others are a common feature of SIEM solutions.

Final Reflections 

Healthcare organisations need to be better preparing to defend themselves against threats that are appearing and evolving swiftly. To do this, companies need take into account SIEM solutions created to increase the security framework and IT administration effectiveness(Fortinet Siem Malaysia).   

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