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Festive Season Of Promotion Ideas For Small Businesses

According to McKinsey & Co., many growing retail businesses generate 30% of their annual revenue during the holiday season. If your company is one of them, the next 12 weeks are the most crucial of the year(promotion strategy). But, with nearly every business vying for the attention of holiday shoppers, what can you do to catch their attention?

When Does the Christmas Season Start?

According to the National Retail Foundation, while Thanksgiving is considered the official start of the holiday shopping season, 40% of U.S. consumers have already begun their holiday spending spree by Halloween (NRF). According to the NRF, they will spend an average of $1,050 this year. If you haven’t already, start planning your holiday promotions now if you haven’t already.

Create a Discount

While gifts account for the majority of holiday spending, consumer research indicates that 45% of buyers also buy things for themselves in addition to gifts for friends and family. Discounts, like a two-for-one deal, are one strategy to promote this habit. It’s also an excellent incentive for those who feel pressured to offer gifts to a lot of acquaintances or coworkers.

Service-based companies can also benefit from discounts by grouping their products. A dance studio might run a gift promotion that gives 10 classes for the price of 8 while a spa might offer five massages for the price of four.

Give Free Gifts to Your Clients

Giving gifts is a tradition over the holidays, thus one of the best ways to win over your clients is to give them something for nothing. It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on this. You can offer your customers something clever and distinctive that doesn’t cost a lot of money to make if you use a little ingenuity. You may utilise paperweight decorations, keychain laser lights, and refrigerator magnets to boost your branding and prominently display your contact information.

This kind of promotion can also be used by online firms. Your postal expenses will be minimal or nonexistent if you ship a little gift or free sample of a product with every order.

Promote Your Knowledge

Offering to teach someone something they’ve always wanted to learn is one method to bring people together if the holidays are a time for gathering. Classes and lessons, whether online or in person, are a great method to advertise your knowledge and goods. This will be an enjoyable and gratifying way for your customers to interact with you because they will enjoy learning insider information and expert expertise.

Naturally, since your clients would demand it, you should provide tutorials that are relevant to the things you market. As a result, flower shops should educate students how to arrange flowers, and liquor stores should host wine-tasting seminars. Free samples should also be considered because they will make clients appreciate what they have been provided and make them want to buy more.

Participate at Local Holiday Fairs

Local holiday fairs provide a chance to reach potential new customers who may not be familiar with your business or website. During the holiday season, shoppers are lured to these markets, and it doesn’t take much work on your part to improve your exposure.

Typically, all that is required of you is to set up and staff a sales stand. This could take the form of a straightforward folding table or a more complex kiosk with striking displays. By offering different size booths for an extra price, some marketplaces make this simple.

These fairs can have a lot of foot traffic, especially at the busiest times. Put some salespeople in festive costumes (like grinches and elves) and place them near your exhibit to distribute flyers and free samples in order to stand out and win market share.

Offer discounts based on the weather

Winter weather can hinder in-store shopping in several regions of the country. Weather-related discounts can entice customers to brave the snow, ice, and cold to visit your institution with an added incentive.

Both your products and the weather conditions may be related to these discounts. For instance, clothing stores might provide a permanent discount on winter gear that is valid on days when it snows. Similar offers of a free cup of hot chocolate or another warm beverage might be made by bars and restaurants if the temperature falls below freezing. Even Sun Belt companies can participate by providing special discounts on days when the temperature falls below the season’s normal low.


Small businesses may find it challenging to be ready for the holidays, but don’t be afraid. Although there is a lot to do and a lot at stake, starting early will significantly increase your chances of success. With the aid of an ecommerce platform, you may modify the aforementioned advice to fit the unique requirements of your company, guaranteeing that this will be a very happy selling season indeed(promotion strategy).

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