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Faber Chimney Review

Before buying a Faber chimney, you should decide on its features. A few of its highlights include filterless construction, powerful motor, motion sensor, and low noise levels. Here is a review of its main features:

Filterless construction

A filterless chimney uses centrifugal force to draw in air and smoke while maintaining a high suction capacity. The motor inside the chimney draws lighter smoke from the middle and transfers it away towards the oil collector. The wall-mounted version features round glass edges and a motion-sensing control system. Despite its sleek look, this chimney is also very practical. The dimensions of this chimney are suitable for small to medium Indian kitchens.

Powerful motor

The auto clean feature of Faber chimneys prevents oil and smoke from getting into your kitchen. Its oil collector prevents the accumulation of sticky oil particles, thereby extending the life of filters and reducing the need to clean them. The powerful motor for Faber chimneys is very powerful and can suction up to 1100 m3 of air per hour. The compact size is suitable for smaller to medium sized Indian kitchens.

Touch panel with motion sensor

The Faber chimney touch panel with motion sensor is an innovative chimney cleaning device. With its motion sensor technology, it allows the user to clean the chimney automatically without touching it. Its black tempered glass casing also makes it sturdy and durable. The user can adjust the speed without touching the panel. In addition, the chimney is completely concealed, making the appliance an ideal choice for a discreet cooking experience. The touch panel with motion sensor is fairly sensitive.

Low noise level

A low noise level is one of the main benefits of a Faber chimney. The Sil-k technology in Faber chimneys makes the appliance extremely quiet. These chimneys are 60 cm wide and feature a touch panel with backlights to operate. They have three speeds, including an intensive mode. You can choose from these speeds to suit your preferences. The chimney is also backed by a one-year warranty.

High suction capacity

If you are a passionate home cook and are in search of a chimney that will meet all your needs, the Faber chimney will do just that. The high suction capacity of the Faber chimney means that it will be able to remove smoke and particles from the air as well as the food you’re cooking. This allows you to cook food with less fuss and noise. Another feature of the Faber chimney is its easy-to-use gesture controls that make it simple to operate.

Elica vs Faber

The main difference between the Elica chimney and the Faber chimney lies in the price. While Faber chimneys are more expensive than Elica ones, they are also made from high-quality materials, ensuring a longer lifespan. Elica chimneys also offer more features for a lower price, including extended warranties and a noise-reduction system. However, the Faber chimneys do not have the range of options that Elica has.

After-sales service

Whether you are looking for a new chimney or a repair, Faber chimneys are backed by a comprehensive after-sales service program. Whether you need a service visit, a new part or an installation, Faber has you covered. The company offers a dedicated call centre and Authorised Faber Chimney and Elica chimney Service Centres throughout India. Below are some ways to contact Faber customer service.

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