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Exemplification Essay: How To Write Essay Outline With Examples

Exemplification Essay

Learn what is an exemplification essay. Exemplification is to provide examples about a specific topic. Writing an exemplification essay, every so often called an illustration paper, hence means offering lots of examples in order to help an issue.

What is an exemplification essay?

An exemplification essay makes use of many examples to explain, display and or prove an argument. An ideal exemplification paper needs to not only contain as many examples as possible to get the point throughout but also the examples need to be specific and accurate. Each example needs to be cautiously selected with the intention to appeal to the eyes of the reader and help them understand the overall point of the essay.

Well-placed examples beautify the essay’s vitality and intensity. Writing an exemplification essay may be intimidating to all of us who have never tackled it before. This article will focus on building an exemplification essay outline. The article will appoint the use of subtopics and applicable examples. A topic example of “Almost Perfect Parent” may be used for instance.

Exemplification essay outline

Introduction of Exemplification Essay

The first place to start is the introduction. A correct introduction generally features parts: the “hook”, (the hook is what entices the reader to keep studying your paper) and a thesis statement. The thesis statement is a small introduction of what is an exemplification essay may be about; it is a short description of the general point of the body of the essay. For instance, an introduction to the topic referred to above would be as follows:

“When growing up, most of the children just don’t agree with their dad and mom, but why so, what makes an ideal parent? Is it unconditional love or is it simply offering for needs? I can’t tell you what makes an ideal parent, however, I can tell you what made my father a nearly ideal parent. In my opinion, I had a brilliant dad who had an excellent balance of what it takes to be an ideal father, which I trust takes 3 key features. To be an excellent dad it takes leadership, being a good advisor, and being a friend.”

As visible above I even have brought my topic and placed down the thesis of the paper. This will assist the reader to understand what the complete exemplification paper is all about.

Body of Exemplification Essay

After completing your introduction, you may need to continue to the body part of the essay. The duration of the body relies upon the instructions given by the lecturer. It is suggested that before writing an exemplification paper, you need to prepare your ideas and examples. Planning comes into play when writing the body of an exemplification essay; an excellent body needs to seem like the example below.

“The real meaning of Leadership is not just being head, commanding people or simply being in charge. Leadership is a determination to do what it takes to help the people around you win. It is the act of General Patton throughout World War II. As he heard of American guys surrounded by German forces, he did not anticipate a person else to do something, he neither stayed through his campfire during the bitter wintry weather and stayed warm, nor did he rests his thoughts for a split second. Instead, he jumped to their call and pushed through snow and mud, leading his guys to the resource of his fellow Americans (“10 Lessons from America’s Greatest Military Leaders”).

Leadership is my dad’s capacity to reveal to you the right way to do things but still provide you with the choice to make your choice. Leadership is pushing your wishes aside for the benefit of others and is a vital element to an excellent parent, however, it is only the start of becoming a fantastic parent.”

All points need to be really defined and strengthened with helping arguments and examples.

Conclusion of Exemplification Essay

The final component that needs to be completed is to wrap up your essay. The conclusion of the exemplification essay includes a precis of the important topics discussed. Also, you may need to restate your thesis but in preference to duplicating what you had written, you need to try to paraphrase it. An example of an end might be something like this.

“The strong will for a person to be a leader will make him be a fantastic father. Also, the awareness to be an advisor and the heart to be a friend. Although being ideal is impossible, if a parent pursues those attributes, they’ll be an excellent parent who can grow some other generations of excellent parents. These traits aren’t easy to gather but are properly worth it to become a nearly ideal parent.”

After you’ve got completed writing your exemplification paper, you need to go through it to ensure that the whole thing is properly written. The outline needs to look as follows.

Exemplification Essay Outline


  1. Thesis Statement: In my opinion, I had a brilliant dad who had an excellent balance of what it takes to be an ideal father, which I trust takes 3 key features. To be a fantastic dad it takes leadership, being an excellent advisor, and being a friend.
  2. Leadership
  3. For First Body Paragraph, First Main Idea Sentence
  4. For First Body Paragraph, Supporting Idea Sentence
  5. Examples for First Body Paragraph

III. Good advisor

  1. For Second Body Paragraph, First Main Idea Sentence
  2. For Second Body Paragraph, Supporting Idea Sentence
  3. Examples for Second Body Paragraph
  4. Being a friend
  5. For Third Body Paragraph, First Main Idea Sentence
  6. For Third Body Paragraph, Supporting Idea Sentence
  7. Examples for Third Body Paragraph
  8. Conclusion Paragraph


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