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Examining the Differences between Public and Private Indian Schools

As a parent, it is important for you to choose a school for your child, and you will have tremendous pressure to make the right choice. The type of education they receive and the company they keep will play a big role in shaping their personalities and securing their future.

While you can judge a Dubai Indian school by various metrics, there are two categories to know, namely private and public schools. In this guide, you will know some of the differences between both types of schools.

Differences Between Public and Private Montessori Schools

Some of the important differences between public and private schools are as follows:

●      Admission process

As most of the children going to public schools come from a less privileged background, they are not allowed to appear for difficult tests. This is why gaining access to a public school is not as difficult compared to a private school.

In the case of a private school, the admissions are screened more thoroughly, and this is done so that a more selective crowd can get in. The admission process is sterner in private Montessori schools compared to public schools.

●      Cost

It is more affordable for parents to educate their children in public schools as the government runs them. The low structure of fees can allow lower-income parents to provide their children with fundamental education.

As for private schools, they are more expensive due to their higher education standards. This is one of the biggest differences there is between public and private schools.

●      Infrastructure

In private Dubai Indian school, facilities such as labs for computers/ science experiments, sports grounds and different teaching equipment are made available for the development of students. These things might not be made available or are lacking in most public schools.

●      Quality of instructors/teachers

As private schools have more funds for them, they can hire teachers who have higher educational backgrounds, specializations, and qualifications. But in the case of public schools, they cannot hire the same type of professional teachers, and this is why you will only find teachers with basic degrees and qualifications. This is a big difference between both types of schools.

●      Size of classes

In private Montessori schools, due to smaller class sizes, teachers can pay close attention to the needs of students. While in public schools, the same thing is not possible for teachers due to a greater number of students being in the class.

●      Extra co-curricular activities

Public schools only have sports in the name of extra-curricular activities, and this is mostly due to a lack of funds, exposure, and infrastructure. But in private schools, students get a variety of options to choose from where they can train themselves and enhance their skills under the guidance of trained professionals.

●      Innovation

Private schools are well-funded and are free from government control; this is why they can innovate and adapt to different technologies more quickly. Public schools are controlled by the government and cannot adapt to the latest technologies; this is a big difference between both goals.

●       Network

Children’s networks via their school days in Montessori school can last a lifetime. It can be friendships or future business connections, and a private school can give students access to a better and well-connected network of people that can help them throughout their lives.

Public schools are good for those who cannot afford private education, but there is no better investment that you can make than the one that can secure your child’s future. All the points above indicate that a private school can be more beneficial for your child than a public school.

As caring parents, we all want our children to enhance their potential and live better lives, and the right education can ensure that they do just that. This is why a private school can benefit your kids more compared to public schools.

Should You Choose a Public or a Private Dubai Indian School for Your Child?

The answer to this specific question depends on what is right for you, your child and your family. Some children can survive better in a more extensive public school environment, while some need more structure and attention than they can only receive in a private institute.

Many parents value choosing a school for their children that can fit into their learning style and family values. Some families send one of their children to private school while others enrol in public schools. The choice of a school depends largely on what you give priority to your children.

Final Words

The above differences between public and private Dubai Indian schools can help you decide what you want for your children. If you require your children to have a brighter career in the future and have the money, you can opt to enroll them in private schools, but if you have a low budget, public schools can be your best choice.

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