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Everything You Need to Know About the Gemstone Jewelry


Gemstone jewelry is one of the trending jewelry in the market. The mystical crystals have a glimmering beauty that can be seen worn by several people. Many Instagram influencers wear gemstone jewelry and Slay on their Instagram pages. These gemstones have captured the hearts of people all around the world. So let us now learn about these gemstones in detail.


Aquamarine is a blue color stone that is beautiful in itself. However, it is one of the hardest stones, rating between 8 to 9 on the Mohs scale hardness. It symbolizes the ocean water and the blue sky. Wearing the Aquamarine Jewelry looks great on the wearer. Moreover, it has much healing energy. It calms the person and allows them to make decisions by thinking twice. In addition, it is the birthstone for the month of March, having special powers for the one born in the month of March. The word 

Aquamarine means seawater, and it is a blue variety of the Beryl mineral family. Many people consider aquamarine jewelry as blue Topaz as the color is quite similar to Topaz, but both of stone has different properties. Aquamarine is widely accessible and affordable, and the largest deposit of Aquamarines are found in Brazil, Pakistan, China, Myanmar, Russia, Ukraine, and Africa.


The gorgeous Opal Stone belongs to the silica mineral family and is very fragile in nature because they have water composting in them. This stone was formed under various situations, and it took them around 5 million years to form into the Opal crystal. When the water evaporated between the rocks, only silica was left, forming these open stones. They do not have their own light but reflect the light of the object they Falls upon. They come in various colors ranging from Blue, pink, orange, black, multicolor yellow, and even colorless.

Many Instagram influencers wear opal jewelry and post pictures on their pages which actually increases the value and the trend of Opal jewelry. In addition, this gemstone is known as the stone of love as it has the ability to enhance the love between couples by creating mutual understanding. Singles can wear this Opal jewelry, as it will help them to find their soulmate. In addition, Opal jewelry help women to reduce the problem of PCOD, PCOS, period cramp, pregnancy, and many more. It is one of the stones that one should not deny wearing it.


Garnet is the red color stone that is the birthstone for the January babies. It looks like Ruby but is totally different and has different healing and metaphysical properties. The one who meditates wearing the garnet jewelry can reach the height of spirituality. The Incredible rich color spectrum of garnet has brought the evolution of Style and color trends in the fashion industry. The bright and refractive gemstones are strong stones that enrich confidence and the ability to communicate with anyone. You can wear a garnet ring to your workplace and communicate effectively with an open heart and with absolute confidence.

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Juli Thomas

Hi, I am Juli Thomas, working as a Product Manager at Sagacia Jewelry for last one year. Sagacia Jewelry is the one stop solution for all your Gemstone Silver rings needs. It is highly specialized in creating the most intricate designs suitable for every occasion. Offering a vast variety of accessories like Opal Ring, Moonstone ring, Garnet ring etc., their work is simply commendable. The wide range of Gemstones are studded with pure 925 sterling silver to perk up with the authenticity and quality standards. Explore their vast collection today.

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