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EV Charging App Development – Benefits for the Automobile Sector

Are you someone who loves to drive change through the work you do? Then this article is for you.

Living in an age where innovations make the day; it, therefore, goes without saying: businesses have to particularly incorporate such revolutions into their operations too. This will not only automate the way they deliver services at large. It will simultaneously also assist them in attracting a wider customer base to their venture too.

While discussing innovations, one that has the most popular is mobile apps. Today practically every business has an app to automate the way they deliver services thereby helping them gain good online visibility, so to speak. In this article, I will however not be educating you on the business advantages of these solutions. I am sure you already must be aware of that.

Here, I will discuss new innovations that have seen the light of the day, particularly the EV charging app or the electric vehicle app, followed by the EV station finder app. Next, I will enlist the advantages that these solutions have for the automobile sector. All these will ultimately make it easy for you to understand why therefore it is necessary to get this app for your new venture.

Exciting? Yes?

Look at the table of contents below to know the areas the article will cover:

Table of Contents

• Introducing You to the Electric Vehicle App
• Different Kinds of EV Charging App
– Hybrid Electric Vehicle
– Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
– Battery Electric Vehicle
• Reasons for Popularity and Business Advantages
• Summing Up

Introducing You to the Electric Vehicle App

These apps help users locate a charging station that is near their vicinity, along with the plug kinds of the respective stations have. Finally, it educates them on the stations that are serviceable.

Known for lowering the carbon footprint and saving off finances a great deal; these solutions have become increasingly popular among customers and businesses simultaneously.

There are already some apps that help users charge their electric vehicles. I have enlisted some of them below.

Before that though, I would recommend you look at the image below. This will help you understand the basic elements of the EV charging app.

Basic Constituents

Image Source:

Looking at this image above; you can get an idea of the different vehicle kinds, the plugs these vehicles include, and the kind of circuit that they demand for charging them.

Let me explain this in more detail below:

Different Kinds of EV Charging Vehicles

There are three main kinds of electric vehicles, namely:

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles 

These vehicles are mostly passenger cars, vans, utility trucks, buses, and so on. These possess a battery pack that is easy to recharge. All it requires is that a charging cable be plugged in into an electric power source.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Being mostly a combination of an internal combustion engine filled with an electric motor; and a battery pack, it consumes lesser fuel in comparison to the earlier two vehicles. This ensures that in a situation where the internal combustion engine (ICE) loses its efficiency, the fuel consumption is not much either. Therefore, it is recommended by most drivers.

Now let me introduce you to some popular EV station finder apps that have already gained a lot of popularity among users.

• ChargePoint
• Greenlots

Having extremely smooth functionalities, these apps help users to find a charging point for their electric vehicle; and get it charged thereafter. To understand the working better, read below.

Its Functionality

As stated in the lines above; the EV charging app makes it convenient for riders to locate a charging point near their vicinity. This helps them thereupon to visit the location and subsequently charge their vehicle.

Now you may be wondering that the functionality of the solution might in fact be quite complicated. This is however far from the truth. It actually has extremely simple operations.

All that users need to do is visit the app; and state the station kind they want from the list, namely, public, high power, and residential. As soon as they make the selection; they need to add their location. They are next required to state the charge type that their vehicle supports.

As soon as they complete this step, they are connected to the EV charging station finder app near them. They need to just simply visit the location and get their vehicle charged. Finally, from the app, they need to share an update if their vehicle got charged and share their experience.

Hence, the EV charging app has extremely easy functionalities which in fact has been responsible for its increased popularity after all. Some of the other reasons for their popularity are listed in the lines below.

Reasons for Popularity

1. They are economical and cause very less pollution
2. These solutions are extremely easy to use
3. Makes the task of budget easy as costs related to electricity consumption, etc. is transparent. The app displays it.

In addition, not many e-vehicle owners may be having sufficient space; or for that matter a facility to charge their vehicle. There also might be situations wherein the vehicle may witness a discharge.

Therefore, to diminish such occurrences completely, it is recommended to get an EV charging app. It will empower your business with a vast array of advantages like making it easy for customers to save on time when they want to gain access to an EV charging station. This is because your app will be the one-stop destination for giving them access to that.

Some other business advantages of EV charging app development services are.

Business Advantages

Apps are the call of the hour; regardless of the business, you are in. It innovates the way you deliver services; helping you gain good online visibility, and so on.

With apps built for almost every sector, therefore, it becomes quite obvious that if you are in a sector such as the automobile sector, for instance, you would also require a solution that would make your services quite innovative. To achieve that, the electric vehicle app is what is recommendable.

In today’s day and age where reducing the carbon footprint; and following environment-friendly practices is the order of the day; the solution will empower your business and customers with the advantages discussed below.

• Will save time for electric vehicle owners to diminish the requirement of standing in long queues. This is particularly if they want to charge their vehicle. The app makes it easy to know the charging station that has fewer lines. This ensures quick vehicle charging.

• It will act as a boon for the EV charging station company to be able to make their services known to a larger audience, thereby propelling the electric vehicle sector to a great height.

• It will help you make considerable profits, particularly from the price the different drivers pay from the stations they visit. This means if a user visits Station A, and pays a particular amount for charging their electric vehicle, your business gets the convenience to earn considerable revenues.

• It will help you be a flag-bearer of having an environment-friendly business, so to speak.

Looking at these reasons therefore it becomes clear the solution is undoubtedly one that is worth incorporating indeed. It will transport your automobile sector towards a destination filled with innumerable profits. It will also help increase your online visibility, and make your services known to a larger audience.

Summing Up

Reducing the carbon footprint and lowering the emission of harmful gases as well. This is something that automobile sectors, in particular, place a strong focus upon. This makes an app for helping users gain access to an EV charging station a blessing for businesses. The solution will help the sector at large to gain good online visibility, be able to earn considerable revenues from the number of charging stations they have, and so on.

Hence, if you are one who is on the lookout for a similar solution, partner with a reliable EV charging app development company today. With the rich knowledge they possess in employing the best practices for EV charging app development; they will create a solution that drives maximum value for your business making it easy for your end customers to get easy access to a charging station nearby for their electric vehicle.

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